Kuta Bali: Example of Descriptive Text about Place with Generic Structure

English Amin learning English text types. We are giving you  an example of descriptive text with the generic structure. One of the most powerful writing style is descriptive. It portrays the image which the writers catch and is transferred to the readers.

Descriptive writing gives detail explanation on how the specific thing, person, or place looks like. Now let’s see the sample below!

The Beautiful Kuta Bali

example of descriptive text palce kuta bali

Generic structure oaf descriptive text about place

Kuta is the exciting tourist area on the southern part of Bali.  Most tourists visiting Bali do not forget to spend their time in Kuta

It is located in southwestern Bali, just minutes from the airport.

Kuta is one of the world’s most famous beaches. It first attracted Western surfers with its world renowned surf break followed closely behind by sun worshipers and party goers attracted to its wide stretches of white sandy beach.

Kuta is the center of night life activities. Kuta has a shopping mecca, with its lines of shops, boutiques, and galleries. Restaurants line up the streets as well as the beachfront hotels, ranging from a small, inexpensive homestay to a luxurious resort

There are many night clubs along Jalan Legian and Jalan Pantai Kuta. The busiest time for all night clubs are around from 22:00 and will close until down.

The Generic Structure of Descriptive Text about Kuta Bali Beach
Every descriptive text should contain the generic structure of specific identification and some detail explanation of the identified object. Here is the sample structure!
1. Identification: Showing what specific participant which will be described in the text. In sample It is about the Kuta Bali beach. Kuta beach and not the other beaches
2. Descriptions: Showing the image of the participant. In this sample, Kuta bali beach is described as a location in Southern Bali which is just minute from the airport. It also described as the place of beautiful place for surfers. Kuta Bali beach is also described as the  center of night life activities.

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