Kinds of Twist in Spoof Text Endings

English Admin – Reading a spoof text story should understand the kinds of twist.  As it is likely to know the difference between narrative stories and the funny spoof text. So what is twist? How many twists are commonly found in the end of narrative story?

Before we talk more about how many kinds of twist, surely we should know what a twist is. According to wikipedia, twist is an unexpected ending of a story.
A twist ending is a plot twist occurring near or at the conclusion of a story, an unexpected conclusion to a work of fiction that causes the audience to reevaluate the narrative or characters.

Now we are going to continue to twist varieties. There are three common types of twisting ending. The types determine how the story give an emotional impression t its readers.

1. Humorous Twist Ending
Many stories have twist with a happy and amusing ending. It is a heartwarming ending. This twist is funny and makes reader amused. Humorous twist ending sometime is called Lighthearted twist.humorous twist in spoof text

A humorous picture, like a twist makes us laugh

2. Ironic Twist Ending
Stories with a twist or surprise at the end do not necessarily have to have a happy ending. Many have been written that have an ironic twist. This ironic twist ending often reveal something about the darker side of human nature. Examples of these types of stories include The Necklace. In other word ironic twist is tragic.

tragic twist in spoof text example
tragic story, like sad picture makes us upset