Contoh News Item Text – Pak Pos Nimbun 400kg Surat dalam Bahasa Inggris

Lagi baca-baca berita ketemu berita lucu dan aneh yang bisa dimasukkan sebagai contoh teks berita bahasa Inggris atau news item text. Langsung aja  ktia baca bareng-bareng hehe

Example of News Item Text: Italian Postman Hoarding 400kg of Mail
An Italian postman from the island of Sardinia has been charged due to hoarding over 400 kilograms of undelivered mail. The mails were found at his home.
Besides mails, police officers also found magazines, and packages in the man’s apartment and garage in the village of Mores. Even some the post items were mailed in 2009
The action of thiefting the post items such letters, magazines, and packages were discovered  after many residents complained that they had not received mail for periode of time.
The daily Corriere della Sera reported that The postman failed to explain why he had hoarded the mails.

Analyzing The  Generic Structure of News Item Text
Lucu banget ada berita bahasa Inggris seperti ini. Itu si pak pos kurang bisa dipercaya. Nah sekarang kita lihat analisa generic structure nya. Kenapa contoh diatas bisa dikelompokkan menjadi sebuah news item text atau teks berita bahasa Inggris? Berikut jawabanya;
Newsworthy event: A postman from Italia hoarde a lot of mails
Background events: The post item were found in the postman’s house. There were letters, magazine, and packages. The hoarding mails were discovered because some resident complained that they did not receive mails for some time.
Sources: The source was from the The daily Corriere della Sera.

Nah cukup sekian belajar teks berita bahasa Inggris atau news item text kali ini. Lain kali kita sambung dengan berita-berita unik dan lucu lainnya.
Note: This text is adapted and arranged to strictly match the generic structure of news item texts which are being studied by students of high schools. The original source comes from

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