Introduction to Narration, Argumentation and Persuasion Writing

Three main groups of writing which have different structure. They are narration style, argumentation writing, and persuasion force. The correct ways or method in communicating to reader will determine success or not of any writing text. If a writer wants to tell about story, what method will be used. If he wants to proof something, how he makes it. If he is a salesman, how he should communicate.

These brief analogies are useful to determine what the most appropriate method to catch reader’s attention. If a writer just wants to tell about something, it will be different from which he want to express idea. In the same way, it will differ from which he wants to convince others.

Narration Writing
Describing is the most common way to communicating. It tells about something as it is. It focuses on detail item. Every item is explained referring the told thing. This type of method is called narration. It usually works with the question “What is it?”. Answering such question will automatically describe or explain.
“It is a small village. It has four hundreds family members. It is located in the north side of the region. In the west is a bush area which is easily burnt. Last year it was on fire and catching the houses. Near fifty houses were burnt. Some of them are farmers and the rest works in match industry near the village”

Argumentation Writing
When you are in discussion forum, commonly participant tends to agree or disagree. Argumentation is method way to release the idea. It will work with the question of “Why is it”. Argumentation method will be clearly stated with “because”. It explores opinion. It usually apply causality rule. ” I think, according to the rule, based on the fact” will match to argumentation.

Persuasion Writing
When a writer wants to convince the reader, the best way is applying persuasion. Its function is influencing. “How should it be?” will be best to start persuasion. Advertising text commonly uses persuasive material. Its target is to be admitted and followed.

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