The Lucky Thief: Contoh Spoof Text Bahasa Inggris dan Arti

English Admin – Today we are learning example of spoof text in English stories. What story which make us learning? It is about unpredictable ended story. I like reading spoof story very much.

A spoof text always bring an unpredictable event in the end of the story. If you like too, you can read my previous post, 12 examples of spoof text which have different kinds of twist in the end of story.

Now I have another short funny story labelled as spoof text. Although this story is very short but it is clear enough to identify why the passage can be categorized as a spoof text. Hold your smile before you finish reading the following short funny story.
The Lucky Thief
One usual day in the middle of night, there was a thief. He came in a mad man’s house and stole a TV and DVD set.

While the thief was getting out of the house, the mad man wake up and tried to chase him. The thief was running out the house quickly but the madmanĀ  followed just behind. After two hours race, the thief felt tired andĀ  gave up, Soon the thief was caught, wet handed, by the mad man.

Under unlucky situation, the thief started pleading and begged the mad man not to send him to police officers. The mad man replied calmly;”Don’t worry, I just want to give you the remotes”

Well, have got your smile? If you haven’t yet, I wonder why. Let me help you to burst out laughing. Only laughing, remember not crying!