How Cell Phones Work: Example of Explanation Text with Generic Structure

Explanation text is describing how a thing is formed or why the thing happens. The following example  is about how a cellphone works. When we call someone with a cellphone, there are actually some processes transferring the voice from the caller to the receiver.

Explanation text is a text which gives reported description on how a thing works or why a thing happens. We have posted several short examples of explanation text and this is one of them. Well let’s see the following sample!

How a cell phone works

example of explanation text about cellphone work
When writing about how a cellphone work, it is actually an example of explanation text

A cell phone is a great gadget in this modern world. What is a cell phone? A cell phone is actually a radio in certain way. Like a radio, by a cell phone we can communicate to other people in real time. Million people use cell phone for their communication. Even nowadays, people use cell phones to communicate in voice, written and data.

Alexander Graham Bell is the person who make great change in the way people communicate to each other. He invented a telephone in 1876. While wireless radio was formally known in 18994 presented by Guglielmo Marconi. By these two technologies, then a cell phone was born. However do you know how actually cell phones work?

This short explanation on how a cell phone work is really wonderful. A cell phone or in long term “cellular telephone’ works by transmitting signals of radio to towers of cellular. The towers are networked to a central switching station. The connection usually uses wire, fiber optic-cables, or microwave.