3 Discussion Texts on The Topic of Working While Studying

Example of discussion text about pros and cons or advantages and disadvantages of working while studying. Any text can be called as discussion if it has at least 4 elements which constitutes the discussion type. They are a paragraph for issue, some paragraphs for supporting arguments, some for against arguments, and a paragraph for recommendation.

A discussion text can be very interesting as it present two different views on certain issues, for example, a discussion text on the topic of working while studying for students. It means  the text shows some pro arguments and also con reasons on certain problem. How does it look like? Read the following 3 examples of discussion text.

Example of Discussion Tex 1: Students and Part Time Jobs

example of discussion text -  working while studying

Discussion text examples bring positive and negative effect for certain issue

Working while in the same time going to school is greatly challenging. Both activities can give you a rewarding experience. However, If you are a student and want to take a part time job, you’d better think carefully before you decide to take it.

A lot of things should be considered before making decision to take a part time job. On the bad side, working while keeping having a good grade at school is not really easy. It is very hard task. Taking a part time job reduces your time for doing schoolwork. This less time is the main negative effect. Because of that limited time, many students who work part time tend to  fail to keep their best both on schoolwork and on examinations.

On the good side, Taking a part time job can helps students to get good financial condition for living
expenses. Working  a part time is a valuable part of a student’s life. If the students take on responsibly, they can deserve a valuable thing from working. It is not only about money. In most cases, they can learn discipline and applicable skills.  Taking a part time job also help students to expand their resume for future career.

Studying and working in the same time consume much time and energy. However if the students can manage their time and energy wisely, going to school and taking a part time job are possible to do. So contact your school counselor to discuss further.

Example of Discussion text 2: Becoming Blue Collar Students

For some students, getting a job while they are still in high school is not an option. Working seems to be a necessity for them, as they might not get any help from their parents to pay for tuition or for living expenses. Therefore, they may not have any other choices but to accept a  part- time job. However, working is not the only option if there are some better alternatives to help them.

There are several ways that students can attempt to get the necessary funds that they need, to pay for tuition, and living expenses. Student loans, grants, and scholarships are the best alternatives that students should turn to. Instead of working part time while going to school, attempting to win scholarships will not take much effort. They had better take the challenge to compete for scholarships than working. Moreover, it motivates students to keep striving to perform their best at schoolwork.

On the other hand, not many students have the opportunity to compete winning the scholarships. Taking the same efforts, students with average grade might have less opportunity to win. Therefore, working through school is a valid option. Finding a way to budget your time between school and work can take some effort, but it’s much easier than most students think.

All the students need is discipline. With minimal effort, students should have no trouble striking
a balance between work and school. Working part-time while going to school can easily be done, if students are disciplined and budget their time accordingly. However, there are actually some better ways to overcome students’ financial problems.

Example of Discussion Text 3: Advantage and Disadvantage of Students Taking a Part Time Job

Nowadays, many people think that college students should take a part-time job for several advantages.

For one thing, it gives the students a chance to know the society to learn to be independent. For another, they can also get financial reward and working experiences as well, such as teaching or selling practice, which is helpful to their growth. What’s more, they can put what they have  earned into practice, and know their strong and weak points so that they can improve their studies and personalities, which are beneficial in their later lives.

However, still many people think taking part-time job may have some negative effects on students. In their opinions, it will take them much time and energy, and will affect their studies as a result. What’s worse, some students may be so keen on making money that they may neglect their studies in the end.

That’s all 3 discussion texts. If you need more example on the same genres, see my collection of discussion text. For who need some explanation on discussion text, see my previous post what is discussion text?.
These 3 examples of discussion text is taken and adapted from Priyana, Joko.
Interlanguage : English for Senior High School Student. Jakarta : Pusat Perbukuan, Departemen Pendidikan Nasional, 2008.

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