Percakapan Gratitude – Thank You – Terima Kasih

English Admin – How to speak English fluently. Today we learn some expressions relating to gratitude or thanks. We often use such expression in dialog or conversation when we feel happy for existence of thing and people. They have helped us, then we should thank them.

How to say thank you in English?. Why should we say thank you in English? Is it difficult to say thank you? I think it isn’t. So say thank you to everybody everyday. How to do it? There are several ways and phrases which are commonly used to express “thank you”. Here is the list:
Thanks a lot
Thank you so much
Thank you kindly
I can’t thank you enough
I don’t know how to thank you
I really appreciate your help
I owe you one
Thank you for all your help
What would I do without you
You are an angle
You are very kind

Beside that list of expression above, I find very useful other words and phrases to say thank you in English to say thank you in English.

expressing gratitude or thanks in English
Some useful expressions to show gratitude or thanks in English

Well, that’s all how to say thank you or express gratitude in English. Again you have to remember that speaking English fluently is a matter of habit. So practicing very much is very helpful. Now we are going to see some samples.

Cara mengucapkan terimah kasih dalam bahasa Inggris. Dialog bahasa inggris “English conversation”  kali ini bertopik cara mengucapkan terima kasih ( thanking atau gratitude) Seperti biasa, dalam koleksi dialog bahasa inggris sebelumnya, jika kita belajar percakapan, dialog atau conversation in English, hal pertama yang harus dipelajair adalah prase, kata atau kalimat yang sering dipakai ( commonly used in English conversation).