Advantages and Disadvantages of Homeschooling: Example of Discussion Text

English Admin – Again we are learning about a pro and con text. Today we have a topic of some advantages and disadvantages of home schooling. The pros and cons essay is called discussion text. How this text is organized by the writer is what we are focusing on.

There are pro and con opinion on homeschooling practice widely recently. This issue can be placed as discussion text as it will present two different points of view. This problematic text like my previous example of discussion text which there are six samples always contains arguments for and argument against for certain issue. Now take a look!

Discussion text – The advantage and disadvantage of homeschooling

example of discussion text about advantages disadvantages home schooling
A short essay about positive and negative side of home schooling is considered as example of discussion text. Image @flickr

Homeschooling is an alternative way to educate our kids beside sending them to public school. Homeschooling is becoming more popular every day. There are about two million children currently learning at home. However it has some advantages and disadvantages.

Parents choose homeschooling to educate their kids because they believe that homeschooling can be a personalized schedule. Home schooling allows parents and children to work out a schedule that will best work for the child.
Another advantage is flexibility in time and curriculum. By home schooling parents can set the curriculum around vacation, illnesses, and other surprise event

On the other hand, homeschooling can spoil parents’ time. Homeschooling needs a lot of time in preparation and delivery. Parents have to research topics, prepare the lessons, set up the projects and field the trips.
So, when thinking about putting children through home school, we should make sure that we understand all of the criteria involved in the home education.