Letter to Editor: Example of Hortatory Text

Again we are learning a persuasive writing. Hortatory text is one text type of argumentative genres which has function to persuade readers. Since it is one type of argumentative passages, it is very similar to analytical exposition. Both hortatory and analytical exposition state thesis as the introduction. Both present argumentation to support the stated thesis.

However hortatory exposition make the argumentation into a higher level. It is closed by certain recommendation and this makes hortatory exposition differ from analytical exposition. Hortatory exposition can be seen in various functional text. It can be formed of sales letter, advertising slogan, speech, or letter to editor. The following example of hortatory exposition is simplified from a letter issued in The Jakarta Post which was written by Tomas Lasam Manila.

How ASEAN Should Face CAFTA
the China-ASEAN Free Trade Area (CAFTA) is a win-win situation for ASEAN. It will help speed the recovery of ASEAN from the global recession.
The CAFTA is an important vehicle for trade-led growth and recovery in the ASEAN region with growth of 3.9 percent in 2009 which most likely will increase in 2010.
Furthermore, the launch of a US$10 billion infrastructure investment fund by China to improve roads, railways and airlines and strengthen telecommunication links may help speed the ASEAN recovery.
China has also committed to a $15 billion credit facility to promote regional integration. ASEAN should take advantage of this and not rely completely on the United States. Times are changing and regional groupings like the CAFTA, the SCO, the EU, the NAFTA, etc., are more beneficial than so-called globalization.
One crisis, like the one in the US, has a domino effect to the world economy, whereas one region that falls into a crisis can be rescued by other regions not affected by it. World trade will be more stable under divided regional groupings and still maintain world trade and investments globally.
Last but not the least, in order to take advantage of the CAFTA and make it work, ASEAN should cut down its bureaucratic red tape in its financial and economic sectors to efficiently speed up trade and investment, and do it with transparency.

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