Short Example of Recount Text about Bad Experience

Do you need a short example of recount text about bad experience? Well, I find the best one. It is very short but the text fulfills the requirement for the generic structure of recount text.

Recount text generally tells one’s experience in his previous life. Due to past experiences, recount text mostly uses Past Tenses to build the sentences. The tenses which are commonly found in any written recount text are simple past tense, past continuous tens, or past perfect tense. These three past tenses should be mastered by student who want to understand a recount text well.

A recount text is very similar to narrative text. Both are dealing past experience. What make the difference is the way of some events experienced by the participants are exposed in the text. let’s see the following very short example of recount text about a bad experience!

My Bad Experience When Buying Bread

When I was young, I had a terrible bad experience when I was buying some breads for breakfast.
First, I think I had only 15 years old when my mom asked me to go a store to buy some breads for breakfast. Then, I went on to buy it.
When I arrived at the store, I just realized that I had lost  money on the way I went to the store. I could not buy the bread.
After that, I returned to my house. Sadly my mom told me that I should go and find the money on the way. I could not find it
Finally, I returned to my house again without the breakfast with breads.