Generic Structure of Advertisement Text and Samples

English Admin – Learning English text in high schools today is about advertisement. What is advertisement text and how is the generic structure organized? This is the articles about the definition and the generic structure of advertisement as functional text. what is the best is that the articles completed with 11 samples.

Learning English in high school now concerns to types of text. There are genres, functional text and transactional or interpersonal dialog text. One of functional text is advertisements. Together with announcement, brochure, leaflet, and banner, advertisement text is often found in many English test. So below is what we understand about advertisement text.

Advertisement is a public announcement in a newspaper, television, or internet advertising something such as a product for sale, services offered or an event.

According to many experts, advertisement text is a public announcement commonly found in a newspaper, television, or internet advertising. Sometimes it is about a product, services, or an event for sale. How an advertisement text is arranged by the writer, below is the generic structure:
1. Purpose: What is the purpose of the writer to compose the advertisement text?
2. Name of product: This is about name and brand. What product, service or events to sell?
3. User: Who need the product? What ares the product and service for?

Now let see the following samples of advertisement for several products or services. Remember, as advertisement is written to  persuade the readers, it is close related to hortatory exposition and analytical exposition text.
1. Advertisement text for travel agent
example of advertisment in EnglishThe advertisement sample above is about a product to sell. Do you know what is the product? Yes it is about a travel agent service to New Zealand. I think one of you have ever been there. It is very wonderful, isn’t it?