11 Contoh Report Text bahasa Inggris

When you are writing an essay for academic purposes, that would be an example of report text. This short essay can be about several topics, man, animal, plant, social phenomenon, natural disaster, and many other topics. Simply a report text is explaining an object in its class or group in detail description. They are the object parts, value or characteristics, function, and habit. Of course writing certain topics can not cover all the descriptive elements. So you are the master of your essay writing.

Meski begitu menulis essay (writting an essay) itu tidaklah semudah membicarakannya. Menulis essay itu harus bisa berkomunikasi langsung dengan pembaca hanya dengan satu arah. Jika berkomunikasi memkai pembicaraan (speaking) masih memungkinkan untuk menyela dan bertanya, menulis sangat membutuhkankedetailan sekali waktu. Biar 11 contoh dibawah saja saja yang berbicara.

Perlu diingatkan kembali bahwa teks report titu sangt mirip dengan teks descriptive. Saking miripnya sering para siswa dan guru kebingunan alam mengidentifikasi apaka suatu tulisan yang menggambaraka suatu objek baik orang, binatan, tanaman, profesi pekerjaan, kebudayaan danlinya itu termasuk descriptive atau mala report text. Untuk memlihat persamaan dan perbedaanya, bisa membaca artikel contoh contoh teks descriptive dbawah ini:


Bagaimana? sudah tahu pengertian descriptive text dari sekaian banyak contoh diatas? Kalau sudah tahu dan paham betul maka saatnya sekarang kita belajar 11 contoh teks report dalam bahasa Inggris.

Contoh Report Text 1:Secretarycontoh report text 1 tentang secretaryA secretary is someone who keeps records, handles correspondence, or does the administration for an organization or person.
The assistant or private secretary of an executive always deals with the business letter writing of that person. The secretary is, therefore, concerned with any business that the firm undertakes.
The secretary must be qualified and able to speak English, fluently. There are certain types of duties that a secretary is responsible of such as making appointments, receiving orders, making reservations for the manager, sending letters of congratulations or condolence, sending invitations etc. She also makes an agenda for the manager.
An office usually has more than one secretary who are always busy doing their duties.

Contoh Report Text 2: AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTScontoh report text 2 tentang agricultre product farmingIndonesia is an agricultural country. About 70% of its population work as farmers.
Farmers grow rice, corns, cauliflowers, chilies, onions, sugar canes, carrots, potatoes, green beans, peanuts, cassava, and many others. They cultivate land and grow plants which can bring in money and they choose the right plants for the land. Thai’s why when we go to a certain place we will find only one kind of plant while sometimes in other places we find various kinds of plants.
From the various plants in Indonesia, rice is the most important one, as most Indonesian people eat rice. We can sec a large number of rice fields in Java and in other islands outside Java. According Jo the 1993 agricultural census, the area of rice fields in Indonesia is 5.24 hectares. The rice-fields can produce hundred millions of tons of rice. Thus, rice has been the main food for us.
Farmers in fertile areas can grow rice well. In these areas they can even harvest the crops three times a year. They can enjoy it because their areas have a good irrigation, good soil and they know the technique of planting rice.
In less fertile areas, farmers can grow rice and harvest it twice a year. Those living in the area where there is no irrigation can only plant rice when the rainy season comes. They can plant other crops while waiting for the rain.

Contoh Report Text 3: BANKING SYSTEMcontoh report text 3 tentang banking system dan keuanganA bank is an institution with a twofold function. First, it keeps people’s money safe and readily available. In this way it functions as a savings bank.. Secondly, it lends money to people who need it. It is also, therefore, a money lender.
Anyone can go to any bank and deposit money, that is, ask the bank to look after it. He becomes a customer of the bank. When, he deposits money, we say he opens a bank account.There are two types of bank accounts. The first is a current account. When a customer deposits money on a current account, he can make withdrawals by means of a cheque. No interest is paid on this type account.
The other type of account is a time deposit. On this type of account the customer can deposits his money for a specified period of time He can withdraw the money only at the maturity date. Interest is paid for this type of account.
A banks receives deposits from customers, as well as lend money to its customers. A person who wants to borrow money has to give the bank something as collateral for instance, a certificate showing ownership of property. When a customer has a bank loan, the bank charges him interest on the money he has borrowed. The bank does not always give the borrower actual’ money. It may credit his account with the amount borrowed, exactly as if he had deposited that amount at the bank.

Contoh Report Text 4: Healthy Bodycontoh report text 4 tentang healthy body humanThe term “A healthy mind in a healthy body” is known well. That is the motto of every athlete in the world. People can be happy only if -they are healthy.
There are several important things we must do in order to stay healthy. First, we must get enough regular physical exercise. Second, we must live in a clean house. Third, we must have enough time to rest. Rest is an important physical exercise. And fourth, we must eatĀ  adequate quantities of nutritious food.
Good food is very important for keeping our body, healthy. Food which contains a lot of nutriments is always good for our body. Nutriments are used by our body for energy, growth, and for building new body tissues. Nutriments are of five important groups: proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals and vitamins.
Our body needs proteins for its growth. Therefore, proteins are the most important nutriments for young people. Proteins also rebuild worn-out body tissues. We can acquire proteins from meat, chicken, peas, beans, coconuts, eggs and milk.
Carbohydrates are as important 35, proteins, because they are the main source of energy. 4fle body needs energy to do its work. Carbohydrates are found in flour, bread, cakes, rice, potatoes, cassava, corn, sugar and sweets.
Fats are another important source of energy. We can find fats in butter, margarine, milk, coconut-milk, eggs, fish, meat and .ice-cream. However, too much fat can make our body fat and this is dangerous for our heart. It can cause heart attacks.
Mineral salts such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and iron are also absolutely necessary for our body. For instance, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus are necessary for the growth of our bones and teeth. Iron is important for our blood.
Vitamins are important for our health. The body cannot make its own vitamins, so it depends on our food for these. We must eat food which contains a. lot of vitamins, such as vegetables and fruit. They help the body to absorb other nutrients in food. Vitamins control our digestion.

Contoh Report Text 5: AIR POLLUTIONContoh Report Text 5 tentang air pollution (polusi udara)Every day both industrial and domestic chimneys emit vast amounts of dirt and harmful gases. The exhaust fumes from thousands of car engines add to this huge volume of filth, Sulphur dioxide, produced mainly by the burning of coal and oil, combines with the moisture of the air to form sulphuric acid. This eats away stone, brick and even metal. Doctors reason that if it can do this, it must damage the lungs of people who breathe it, especially over a period of many years.
Usually the effects of air pollution are not instantly noticeable. Occasionally, though,, there have been catastrophic “smogs”. (The word smog is a combination of smoke and fog). One of these occurred in the town of Donora, Pennsylvania, in the U.S.A. The valley in which the town lies traps the smoke and fumes from the steelworks and chemical plants that fill it.
One day, in October 1948, unusual weather conditions prevented the smog from lifting by the afternoon, as it normally did. Instead, it hung over the town for three days. By the end of the third day, nearly 6000 people were ill. More than 60 percent of those aged 65 and over were seriously ill. 20 people died. At last a heavy rain shower cleared the smog.
One of the chief causes of air pollution in many cities is the internal combustion engine. Cars, lorries, and buses give out the gas called carbon monoxide, which in high concentrations can kill a person in a confined space. Cars also throw into the air fine particles of rubber and asphalt from their tires and the road, and particles of asbestos from their brake-linings. These can cause damage to the lungs when breathed in.
Another source of pollution is nuclear power station which produce a great amount of poisonous radio-active waste. This waste must be sealed up and buried beneath the ground or seabed so carefully that there is no danger of leakage. Some scientists are very worried that we are not being careful enough with nuclear waste. It may not all be buried safely. Also, they fear there may be a serious accident at a nuclear power station, releasing deadly radiation into the air.

Contoh Report Text 6: WaterContoh Report Text 6 tentang dringking waterPeople need water. We cannot live without water. A person should drink at least eight glasses of water a day. If a person does not drink enough water, he can suffer from kidney trouble. A big man should drink more than eight glasses a day.
In Indonesia many children die of dehydration. This means they die because of lack of water in their bodies. So we must make sure that our children drink enough .water, especially when they are suffering from diarrhea.
At present, many governments of the world are worried about the water supplies in their countries. Fresh water is becoming more and” more difficult to get. In many cities where there are many people, the level of water in the underground wells is getting lower and fewer.
The loss of water from wells under the ground. These are very important for water preservation. Dams preserve or store the water that many of our towns and cities need! Dams have many functions. They hold back rain water that may result in floods if not checked. They also provide water to irrigate the farms with.
People can use the waterfalls of a dam to produce electricity. Electricity gives light and energy to our Houses and, factories. Dams can also produce lakes, and lakes cart be used for raising fish and for practicing various kinds of water sports.
Another source of water ,is .rivers. In Indonesia we have many rivers. Rivers are a good source of water. However, if, people throw waste into rivers, then the water becomes very dirty. Waste pollutes water. One of the most dangerous types of waste .is chemical waste from factories. This can be deadly and can kill fish, water plants and other creatures which live in rivers.

Contoh Report Text 7: OilContoh Report Text 7 about explanation of oilOil, like coal and natural gas, is a fossil. Fuel fossils are made from the remains of dead plants and animals/ It is thought that oil comes from tiny plants and animals whose bodies fell in their millions to the seabed when they died. There they were covered by sand and mud, which later hardened into rocks. In the course of millions of years, the plant and animal materials underwent chemical changes and eventually turned into oil.
Oil Deposits lie hidden deep beneath the surface of earth. They have to be searched for. Unless the oil actually comes to the surface, it is impossible to be certain that any is present.
The during demand for oil products keeps the oil companies busy exploring new oil fields, and drilling new wells. Exploration teams are sent to distant regions to search for oil. If the exploration shows good results, the company decides to drill a well. Thus the exploration phase ends, and the production phase begins.
At the beginning of the production phase, gas pressure from below causes the crude oil to gush to the surface with great force. After some time, however, the gas pressure is less, and a pumping station must be built to bring up the oil. Wells continue to produce oil for several years, until productions become so tow that must be abandoned.
Crude oil has to be transported to a refinery to be made into the many products that are useful to man,, such as patrol, kerosene, diesel oil, lubricants, asphalt. Further .processing gives aviation fuel, greases, fertilizers, insecticides, man-made fibers and many other things.
The oil industry has a very complex and widespread distribution system. Ocean tankers, pipelines, rail tankers, and road tankers are used to bring the oil products to sea-ports, inland depths, can and drum factories, and to tent of thousands of petrol stations in cities and along motorways.
More than/any other, the oil industry influences the lives of men and women everywhere. From the largest to the simplest home, whose need may only be kerosene for its lamps and stoves.

Contoh Report Text 8: THE HOSPITALContoh Report Text 8 about hospital, coock county hospital If you look at the front of a large, modern hospital, you may notice that there are two separate entrances. One of these is for patients in need of immediate treatment – it is the emergency entrance. Here ambulance arc to be seen pulling up at any hour of the day or night. The other entrance is the main entrance of the hospital.
On the ground floor; inside the main entrance there arc probably a reception area and waiting room, and also an office. On the floors above and below are the numerous other departments. On a lower floor may be the laundry and the kitchen. On another floor will be a maternity section for mothers and their babies. Their hospital, so that babies do not catch other people’s illnesses,
The rooms for other patients are usually on the higher floors. There are small room for just one patient slightly larger room for two, three or four patients, and larger rooms called wards, in which as many as 40 or 50 patient may lie in-rows of beds. On. other floors are the operating rooms, called operating theatres, and special departments such as the radiography department, where x-rays are taken and developed.
In the laboratories, special tests are carried out on body tissues and fluids to find out the nature of a patient’s disease. The pharmacy supplies the drug to treat patients. Near to the-operating theatres is the blood bank to store blood for transfusions. Here too is the sterilizing department, where all the operating theatres and in the wards are cleaned and made free from germs.
A very large staff is needed to run a hospital efficiently It consist of people who work together in teams. The hospital administrators organize the day-to-day working of the hospital. The medical staff, including the doctors and nurses, work directly with the patients. So too do such people as the physiotherapists, anesthetists and radiographers. Grouped together, these people are sometimes known as paramedical workers’,

Contoh Report Text 9: SPACECRAFTContoh Report Text 9 about spacraftPeople had thought of building spacecraft several hundred years ago. They had thought of going to the moon and many other planets. Papers on spacecraft can be found among the papers of famous scientist who lived centuries ago. However, the craft could not be built until after World War II.
It is not easy to build a spacecraft. A spacecraft needs a good rocket that is strong enough to send it to outer space. Such a motor was not developed until 1944.
A spacecraft also needs as many as rend million very sophisticated parts. These parts are needed so that the craft can function well when it is flying far away from earth. These parts must have very high precision elements. Each of them must have the right shape and the right size. Such parts could not be mode until after 1940.
Today, spacecraft are being made all the time. They have to be enough to carry astronauts into outer space. What does a spacecraft look like? A spacecraft usually consist of three rockets that are joined together. The three rockets are called stages. The first stage takes the spacecraft to a certain speed and then falls away. The second stage takes it to speed twice as great as the first, and then it also falls away. The third stage takes the spacecraft to its top speed of more than 38,600 kilometers per hour.
Where is the place for the astronauts? It is at the top of the spacecraft. In the nose of the third stage a capsule. In this capsule are the astronauts and the instrument package. This capsule is actually the smallest part of the ship. But all sorts of very sophisticated instruments are found into his capsule. This little capsule is the most important part of the ship.

Contoh Report Text 10: HYDROPONICScontoh report text 10 about HYDROPONICS
Hydroponics is the term used to describe the several ways in which plants can be raised without soil. These methods, also known generally as soilles gardening include raising plants in containers filled with water or any of other nonsoil mediums – including gravel, sand vermiculite and other more exotic medium, such as crushed rock or bricks, and shards of cinder blocks.
There are several excellent reasons for replacing soil with a sterilize medium. Soil-borne pests and diseases are immediately elimated, as weeds are. And the labour involved is reduced.
More important, raising plants in a nonsoil medium will allow you to grow more plants in limited amount of space. Food crops will mature more rapidly and produce greater yields. Water and fertilizer are conserved, since they can be reused. In addition hydroponics allow you to exert greater control over your plants, to insure more uniform results.
All of this is possible by the relation of a plant with it’s growing medium. It isn’t soil that plants need-it’s the reserves of nutrients and moisture contained in the soil, as well as the support the soil renders the plant. Any growing medium will give adequate support.
The methods of hydroponics gardening developed over the past forty-five years can be divided into categories defined by the medium in which the plant are grown. In water culture, the plants are grow only in water, or in a water and nutrient solution. Sand culture calls for raising, plants in sterile sand, into which a water and nutrient solution is pumped. Aggregate culture replaces the sand, instead of using one of the materials such as gravel or vermiculite, and retaining the method of pumping a water and nutrient solution into the material. Finally, there are number of experimental or unorthodox techniques.
Hydroponics units have been used to replace the conventional benches in a green house, and soil-borne pests and diseases are avoided.

Contoh Report Text 11: Water PollutionContoh Report Text 11 about water pollution and tha factorsWhat is Water Pollution? Water Pollution is what happens when factories, wastewater treatment plants, construction sites, and people put things in the water that make it dirty.
At one time, factories dumped untreated waste into the water. This is an example of water pollution. Not only does water pollution come from what is dumped into the water, but what is dumped on the land. When you put trash in a storm drain, toilet or in a body of water (rivers, lakes, streams, oceans) it causes the water to be polluted.
Just think, if someone were changing their oil on their car and they dumped the oil on the ground, what would happen? Would you want to eat the fish that came from a waterway where you knew that oil went? Even today, accidents on ships and off-shore drilling rigs spill oil into the oceans.
Animal waste run off from livestock feedlots seeps into groundwater, lakes, rivers and streams that eventually make it to the ocean. Fertilizers and pesticides wash off from fields and forests and soak into lakes, rivers, streams and groundwater. Wastes from mines drain into water. Garbage disposals and toilets are also a large waste contributor.

Some report text may be vary similar to descriptive text. However both essays are different in the way they cover the object scale. Report text is wider than descriptive essay.Happy learning English.

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