Pros and Cons of Graduation Standard: Discussion Text with Generic Structure

Learning English in high schools covers 13 kinds of text. This example of discussion text is given completely with generic structure analysis to make students have a lot of references what and how a pros and cons text.

One of the requirement needed to write a discussion text is choosing a suitable topic. Not all topic can be written in the form of discussion text. This pros and cons text need to deal with a problematic issues. The issues should expose some pros and cons arguments. If student find such topic, they can easily write  the discussion text in English. Below is an example of problematic topic which arouse the pros and cons arguments.

Pros and Cons of Graduation Standard

The implementation of the new graduation standard for High-School Students has evoked people to bring different responses. Some people’s ideas are for some others against the rule.

Some people agree with the rule because it indicates students’ mastery of the whole material or the competence they have managed to have over the past three years. The result of the final exam is also significant for students’ future study in the higher level. In addition, we are far left behind by our neighboring countries that have implemented a higher graduation grade standard. If the standard is omitted, then student will get left behind even further by those students from neighboring countries students.

However, some other people believe that imposing a high standard will not be effective. The results of the exams have proven to be unreliable. How can you asses the students’ competence only in a couple of days. A smart student for example, may get a low grade just because he is sick during the exam. On the other hand, an idle student may achieve the standard due to luck. There should then be an alternative way to the national exam.