Pengertian dan Contoh Kalimat Causative HAVE bahasa Inggris


Kursus Inggris – Causative have adalah sebuah susunan kalimat dalam bahasa Inggris yang mempunyai arti menyuruh, memintah, bahkan memaksa orang lain melakukan sesuatu. Dalam bahasa Inggris causative have bisa nggunakan kata HAVE, MAKE, GET, dan LET. Kursus Inggris kali  ini akan menjelasakan pengertian causative have, bagaimana menyusun kalimat dengan causative, dan contoh dan penerapannya dalam berbagai macam kalimat bahasa Inggris.

Pada dasarnya susunan kalimat dengan causative have dibedakan menjadi 2, aktif dan pasif. Berikut adalah penjelasannya.
1. Causative have dalam kalimat aktif.

rumus causative have kalimat aktif
Rumus causative have dalam kalimat aktif

Rumus: Subject + HAVE + Object 1 + Verb 1 + Object 2
I have my sister cook friend rice = Saya menyuruh adik saya memasak nasi goreng

Dalam kalimat diatas, causative have diterapakan pada kalimat aktif. Dalam artian saya (subject) meminta adik saya (object) untuk memsaka nasi goreng.
Ingat setelah object, verb 1 (cook) harus dipakai.

2.  Causative have dalam kalimat pasive

rumus causative have dalam kalimat pasif
Rumus causative have dalam kalimat pasif

Subject + HAVE + Object 2 + Verb 3
I have friedd rice cooked = Saya minta nasi goreng dimasaka

Dalam kalimat diatas, causative have digunakan pada kaliamt pasif. Ini berarti Object pertama tidak perlu disebutkan alias tidak diketahui siapa yang diminta melakukan kegiatan itu.
Ingat setelah object Verb 3 (cooked) harus digunakan

Macam-Macam Kata dalam Kalimat Causative Have

Susunana kalimat causative have itu bisa menggunkan kata HAVE, MAKE, GET, dan LET. Contoh peggunaanya dalam kalimat sebagaimana berikut:
HAVE: We have you wait for a moment
MAKE: The robbers made us lie on the floor.  (No passive form
GET: I got Jae Won to pick me up in the car. (Menggunkan TO INFINITIVE VERB)
LET: I’ll let you borrow my bike. (No passive form)

Arti dari ke empat kata dalam causative have diatas semuanya adalah serupa, yatu meminta orang lain melakukan sesuatu. Meski begitu penekanannya yang berbeda. Jika memakai MAKE, ini berarti besifat perintah dan paksaan.

Contoh Kalimat Bahasa Inggris Menggunakan Causative Have dan Artinya
Biar tambah jelas bagaimana menggunkan causative Have dalam kalimat bahasa Inggris, berikut disajikan beberapa contoh baik dalam bentuk aktif dan pasif.

1. The barking dog made the postman run away.
2. The rain has made the tourists stay in the hotel this morning.
3. I don’t think she can make her husband buy that expensive ring.
4. Sad movies always make me cry.
5. Let’s get mother to bake a cake on Sunday.
6. I couldn’t get my sister to wash my dirty overalls.
7. The tap is leaking, get a plumber to fix it.
8. She always gets me to help with her homework.
9. Lala had her friend take her result test.
10. The student had the teacher speak slowly.
11. She got her parents to buy her a tennis racket.
12. The boy got his cat to chase a mouse.
13. The woman made her daughter eat up the tomatoes.
14. The manager makes her staff work hard.
15. My father lets me choose my own future carrier.
16. The shepherd lets his sheep graze in the meadow.

1. Did you have the car washed yesterday?
2. I have my hair cut once in 2-3 months.
3. We’ve had the lawn mowed by the neighbour’s son.
4. Jane will have the curtains cleaned at the dry cleaner’s tomorrow.
5. Did you get your hair cut before the weekend?
6. We must get the house decorated for the wedding.
7. Tomorrow I’m going to the hairdresser’s to get my hair cut
8. Yesterday I went to the optician’s to have my eyes tested.
9. This afternoon I’m going to the dentist to have a tooth taken out.
10. Last week I went to the doctor’s to have my blood pressure taken.
11. Next Saturday I’m going to the vet’s to have my dog vaccinated.
12. The day before yesterday I went to the garage to get my car serviced.
13. Last year I saw the architect to have my new house designed.
14. Next week  I’m talking my accountant to have my annual accounts done
15. I had my house renovated last week.
16. He had his book returned as soon as possible.
17. Teddy got the money saved in the bank.
18. Yulia got her bedroom cleaned.

Cukup sudah pembahasan pengertian, rumus, penggunaan dan contoh causative HAVE dalam kalimat bahasa Inggris ini. Umumnya konstruksi model kalimat ini sering digunakan dalam contoh explanation text. Meskipun demikian tidak mustakhil penulisan jenis teks yang lain juga menggunakan rumus causative HAVE jug. Semoga bermanfaat

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