Advantages of Learning English Online – Hortatory Text Example

Hortatory exposition is written material designed to persuade readers. This example of hortatory text will lead readers to a certain position which the writer has the possibility to ensure readers to follow  the writers.

Actually in English exposition is just showing some idea to argue with others. In one side there is an analytical exposition which just show how important the idea brought by writer to readers. On th other hand, hortatory exposition need more level. It does not only showing the importance but it has to make sure the readers will think and do like the writers.

example of hortatory text why learn English online
Some advantages behind online learning written for hortatory text sample

To make our lesson easier, let’s see the following example of hortatory text about the advantages Online learning.
Why should You Choose to Learn English Online?
There are several kinds of learning English. You can learn English Offline by going to school, private course, or intensive English training. I personally like learn English Online. Why do I say that Online learning is advantageous? Here are some reasons.

Firstly, learning English online can save Time and money. Scheduling and implementing online learning is much less time. You do not need to waste time in commuting. Due to time defectiveness, it also save money.
Second reason, learning English online has  flexibility. You can access online learning opportunities anytime and any place. What you need is only accessing to the Internet. It can be done from the comfort of your own home and even during  holiday breaks.