Mobile Phones to Learn English – Hortatory Text Sample

English Admin – Learning with a mobile phone is called mLearning. Some advantages are shown here to structure an example of hortatory text. It is a rising trend now to use and learn English with a smartphone. As many phone vendor develop their smartphone product, a lot of software programmers create an educational application.

Again, knowing the benefits of mobile phone for learning English is interesting however what we want to focus is not on that benefits. We are talking about how an example of hortatory exposition text is organized. What the structure is used to achieve the goal.

Due to goal is to learn hortatory text with a topic of the benefits of cellphones for mLearning English, so the arrangement of the paragraphs follow the  the structure stating thesis, showing arguments, and giving a recommendation. Below is the sample!

The Advantages of Mobile Phone for Learning English
Mobile technology is everywhere. This technology is transforming how we communicate, socialize, play, shop and conduct business in a very easy way. As English language learners, you can use such technology to enhance your learning process. Here are three crucial advantages of mobile learning.

The first advantage is convenience. Not all people have enough time to attend courses. Mobile offers the unique opportunity for anytime and anywhere. No matter where you are,  you can learn, such as practicing your English on the phone with a tutor during the lunch break.

The second advantage is personalized programs. You know better than anyone what you want to learn. With mobile Learning, you can choose your lessons. If you want to improve your English grammar or you want to practice your English speaking, Many tutors will adjust accordingly.

The third advantage is affordability. The cost of education is rising across. Mobile learning programs, however, are generally very affordable.

From those reasons, actually mobile hone can be an effective medium to learn English. To make it beneficial, encourage yourself to:
1. Use your phone and create a personal visual story about you daily routine.
2. Take a series of snapshots of moments in their day and describe the actions with your own words
3. Take photos of street signs, menus, advertisements, or other examples of written English that they see to examine the grammar usage

Arranged from:

Note on the Generic structure of Hortatory Exposition Text about mLearning English

example of horatory text in English

Some arguments of advantages using phone to learn English for hortatory exposition

As stated above that an example of hortatory text is written to pursuade readers and  it is structured by showing an idea and how to support it. To examine, let’s see the elements below!
1. Paragraph for Stating a Thesis: It is the first paragraph which shows reader what is the main concern of the text. From the sample above, the thesis is:
Advantages of Mobile Phone for Learning English
2. Paragraphs for Showing Arguments: This is the main elements of hortatory exposition essay. In this paragraph, a writer will give some proof or arguments why the thesis is important. From the sample above, we see 3 reasons why mobile phone is advantage to learn English. They are:
The first advantage is convenience.
The second advantage is personalized programs.
The third advantage is affordability.

3. Paragraph for Giving a Recommendation: The final comment from the writer which makes his essay hortatory of not. After showing some proofs and arguments, it is the time to direct the action which readers should take. From the sample above, we see some recommendation. They are:
Create a personal visual story
Take a series of snapshots
Take photos

That’s all the example of hortatory exposition text with generic structure analysis about the advantages of cellphone for learning English. Again the focus is not on the validity of the arguments but rather  on how the structure of an exposition essay is taken. So happy learning English with your smart phone.