Why Should Take TOEFL Test – Hortatory Exposition Text Sample

English Admin learns hortatory text. TOEFL is a very famous test system in English learning. Should we took the test? This is an example of hortatory text to show the importance of having high score in Test of English as Foreign language.

Since it is a hortatory exposition text sample, the paragraphs are arranged in accordance of the structure of thesis, arguments, and recommendation. The question is why should the text in such way? The easy answer is to catch the goal of writing. Now let’s see the following sample
The Importance of Taking TOEFL Test
The TOEFL test is a highly respected English language proficiency test, helping millions of students attend English-speaking institutes all over the world. These are the strong reasons why you should give your preference to the TOEFL test.

First of all, TOEFL gives you plenty of choice concerning your future place of studying. The test is accepted and relied on by most of the universities in the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and by thousands of universities all over around the world.

The TOEFL test is one of the most convenient tests students can take. The test is offered by more than 4,000 test centers. Above all TOEFL can be taken through internet.

The TOEFL test gives practical and valuable knowledge and skills. The activities student do during classes of preparation to the test include speaking, interacting, dialogue making, textbook reading, analyzing, e-mails and academic writing, grammar building, online research and much more.

Finally, the TOEFL test is fair and unbiased. Students all have similar test-taking experience. Scores are checked anonymously by ETS-certified experts and are unbiased.
How to prepare TOEFL test well? Here is what you can do
1. Don’t try to cram. You need study all time not only one full night.
2. Remember that learning is doing
3. Get familiar with the exam
4. Get some rest

How To Identify the Generic Structure of Hortatory Text Sample About TOEFL Above?
That is what we are going to do now. After reading the text sample, we should test our meaning comprehension to see whether we have understood or not. Below are the elements used:

example of hortatory text  about toefl

Short essay on the advantage taking TOEFL test as Hortatory text example

1. Thesis: What is the main idea of the writer which needs to prove. From the sample above.
2. Arguments: Why the thesis above is so important. To support it, readers need some reason. Some of them are:
3. Recommendation. The last comments from the text writer. There are 4 recommendations which are given in the last sentences.
That’s all about TEFL Test as example of hortatory exposition text. Hopefully it helps you understanding such kind of exposition text. Happy learning English.


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