Learning Casual Conjunctions to Understand Explanation Text Example

Welcome back to school! Again we are talking about explanation text. When you are learning explanation text, you have to see some language feature included to differentiate from other text genres. One of the language feature is temporal conjunction. What is temporal conjunction and how is this connective used in English sentences?

Definition of Causal Conjunctions
Causal conjunctions are conjunctions that introduce a causal clause. They could be conjunctions of coordination, e.g. for, or conjunctions of subordination, e.g. because or since.

causal conjunction

Confronting CAUSAl and CONTRASTING conjunction to learn English grammar to understand text types

List of Causal Conjunctions (reason – why) Commonly Used in Explanation Texts
although, as a result, because, by, consequently, despite, due to, for that reason, in case, in order, in this way, otherwise, since, so, so as to, so that, therefore, though, thus, to that end, unless, until, yet

Examples Usages of Causal Conjunctions in English Sentences
He must be asleep for there is no light in his room.
I decided to call it a day – for I was feeling tired.
I helped him because I liked him.
Since he had not paid the rent, he was told to vacate the room.
As it is raining again, we will have to stay at home.
It was raining, so we stayed at home.

To understand more on how this causal conjunctions are used, read this best example of explanation text. Happy learning English Online!

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