Temporal Conjunctions to Understand Explanation Text

When you are learning explanation text see some language feature included to differentiate from other text genres. One of the language feature is temporal conjunction. What is temporal conjunction and how is this connective used in English sentences?

Before we are going further to discuss aboutĀ  what is temporal conjunction, see the image below to understand the relation between temporal conjunction and explanation text

temporal conjunction explanation text feature

You see that one of language features of writing an explanation text is including temporal conjunction. Of course to understand the structure of explanation texts then we have to learn some temporal conjunction words first

Definition of Temporal Conjunctions
Temporal conjunctions tells us about the time. When will something happen? Which of the two happened first? Below is a list of commonly used temporal connectives.

temporal conjunctionFrom the image above, we see that temporal conjunction is used to relate two idea phrases or sentences and become the comprehensive meaningful sentences

List of Temporal Conjunctions Commonly Used in Explanation Texts
as, after, as soon as, at first, at once, before, finally, just, meanwhile, next, now, now that, since, then until, when, whenever, while

Examples Usages of Temporal Conjunctions in English Sentences

He came home after/before me.
By the time the firefighters arrived, the building had already burnt down.
I was asleep when she called me.
While my mother was cleaning the floor, my brother was playing with his toys.
Whenever I see Ted, he complains about something.
I have been interested in science since my childhood.
On Sundays I often stay in bed until 10 o’clock.
After John has done his homework, he may play his favourite computer game.
We were on our way to Ashville when our car broke down.
Before I go to school, I take my little brother to preschool.
I’ll phone you when I’m there.
It’s still two days before our son flies back to Chicago.
After I finished school, I went to New Zealand.
We had left the beach before the rain started.
We stayed in our house until the rain stopped.
When he heard about the accident he was shocked.

Well you have read this temporal conjunction definition, list of words, and the example sentences. To read more this types of connective words, learn some of very best examples of explanation text. Good luck in learning English Online!

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