63 Contoh Soal Teks Advertisement dan Jawaban

Advertisement adalah teks iklan dan menjadi salah satu functional text yang dipelajari di sekolah menengah. Inilah contoh soal teks advertisement beserta jawabannya dalam bahasa Inggris. Ada beberapa topik iklan dalam belajar bahasa Inggris ini diantranya job vacancies, goods, dan services. Teks iklan sebenarnya hampir sama dengan teks hortatory exposition. Keduanya bertujuan untuk memepengaruhi pembaca, pendengar, dan pemirsa untuk mengikuti dan bertindak seperti yang diinginkan pembuat teks.

Sebelumnya kita sudah berikan berbagai contoh teks fungsional dalam bahasa Inggris diantaranya invitation, announcement, letter, dan advertisement. Khusus pembahasa apa dan bagaimana advertisement dan juga teks functional itu, bisa membaca:

Hampir semua jenis teks dalam bahasa Inggris itu diberikan dalam rangka untuk bisa memberikan jawaban yang benar dari soal yang diberikan dibawahnya. Sebenanrnya semua soal dalam bahasa Inggris itu bisa dikelompokkan kedalam beberapa jenis:

  1. Soal main idea, purpose, dan conclusion
  2. Soal detail information baik tersurat atau tersirat
  3. Soal reference yaitu rujukan pada pronouns
  4. Soal word meaning yaitu arti kata baik synonym atau antonym

Dari sekian jenis soal itu beberapa diantaranya masuk katagory HOTS (High Order Thinking Skill) yang menjadi pembicaraan  yang hangat akhir-akhir ini.

soal advertisement dan jawaban

Untuk mempelajari lebih lanjut, bisa membaca kumpulan soal hots bahasa Inggris dibawah ini:

Pada kesempatan kali ini, kita akan belajar khsus pertanyaan berbagai macam jenis iklan dalam bahasa Inggris. Sekian banyak soal dalam teks iklan juga sebenaranya kalau dikelompokkan hanya ada 4 macam soal seperti diatas

Kumpulan Contoh Soal Teks Advertisement Bahasa Inggris dan Jawaban

Ini adalah berbgai contoh soal teks advertisement dalam bahasa Inggris. Sebagian diambil dari soal Ujian Nasional SMA dan MA dari tahun-tahun sebelumnya. Harapannya dengan mempelajari contoh soal soal ini akan semakin mudah memahami teks dan soal advertisment text yang selalu menjadi bagian dari Standar Kelulusan bahasa Inggris.

Soal Teks Advertisement 1: Hotels and Appartments
The hotel provides 82 comfortable guest rooms that consist of Supeior Rooms, Superior Seaview Rooms and 22 Deluxe Cottages with modern Balinese style architecture, private balcony and international standard facilities. Each room has a private balcony, fully air conditioned, a telephone, a mini bar, radio/music, intrenational TV channels, in house movie, tea and coffee making facilities, a hair drier, slippers, an umbrella, a bath/showre with hot and cold running water and a safe deposit box.
Phone : +62 361 751961, Fax : +62 361 751962
e-mail : reservation [at] kutaseaviewhotel [dot] com or sale [at] kutaseaviewhotel [dot] com
website : www [dot] kutaseaviewhotel [dot] com
(Soal Bahasa Inggris UN SMA/MA 2009)

1. What does the advertisement promote ?
A. The location of the hotel
B. The hotel rooms
C. The cottage
D. The seaview
E. The facilities

2. How many rooms does the hotel provide ?
A. Twenty two
B. Thirty six
C. Sixty two
D. Eighty two
E. Ninety six

3. The guest can enjoy watching movies since the hotel offers
A. A cinema
B. A mini bar
C. TV Bar
D. In house movie
E. Private balcony

Soal Teks Advertisement 2: Hotels and Appartments
Hotel Cannero
28051Cannero Riviera, Italy
Phone: 323788046
Waiters/Waitresses (2), Swimming Pool Attendants, Bar Staff.
Around $ 150 per week. 12 hours per day, 6 days per week. Free board and accommodation. Knowledge of German, Italian or French required. Period of work 3 or 6 months between end of March and end of October. Applicants should be fit and healthy, organized and clean. Applications from 25 March to the end and send to Maria Carla at the above address.

4. What is the text about ….
A. A week tour to Italy
B. A job vacancy in Hotel Cannero
C. Three day tour to European countries
D. A healthy and clean environment
E. The description on Cannero Riviera

5. Who is the addressee of this advertisement ….
A. All who are fit and healthy
B. Those who can serve foreigners
C. All who meet the requirements mentioned
D. The educated people who can handle service jobs
E. Those who can speak two foreign languages

6. Those who are accepted to work for the hotel ….
A. Are mostly Italians
B. Will get accommodation
C. Are under the control of Maria Carla
D. Will take control of each department
E. Will start working between March and October

Soal Teks Advertisement 3: Hotels and Appartments
A DREAM BECOMES REALITY Sunwel Beach Residences Ketewel – Bali Prime property – Prime Location – Prime Investment
Only 5 minute away from Sanur, directly at the beach
All apartments with view to the sea, full hotel amenities
Large pools, spa, fi tness, sauna & steam, Parking, Restaurant For complete information please visit our website
Invitation – stimulation – temptation
Where: Hotel Mulia Senayan, Jakarta (Leatris Room)
When: 15th and 16th of January 2010 (15.00—21.00 WIB)
For reservation: PT. Umadamai
Phone: +62361759958
For every puechase prior to 31.01.2010 we will invite the buyer for the Ground-Breaking-Ceremony
Flight from Jakarta to Bali and a luxury villa FREE

7. The text talks about ….
A. Sunwel Beach Residences Ketewel
B. Bali’s apartment development
C. A dream becomes reality
D. Hotel Mulia Senayan
E. Prime property

8. Which of the following is not found in the advertisement?
A. Large pools
B. Restaurant
C. Website
D. Fitness
E. Spa

Soal Teks Advertisement 4: Hotels and Appartments
This new and unusual building in the downtown business district offers unique opportunities for small to midsized tenants to occupy an entire floor.
From 1,600 to 6,000 square feet are available for immediate occupancy. Commuting is easy, with the subway stop only one block away. It’s convenient to shops, restaurants, hotels, and business services.
For leasing information call

9. What is this advertisement about?
A. A new office building
B. Office suites to rent
C. The unusual building downtown
D. Office suites to sell
E. A building in the business district

10. The good point about the office suits is ….
A. Furnished
B. Available in one type size
C. Far from public places
D. Several blocks away from subway stop
E. Easy to reach for commuters

Soal Teks Advertisement 5: Hotels and Appartments

Welcome to Singapore’s Newest rooms and suites. Soothing, sleek, and streamlined with the latest technology, our newly refurbished interiors raise the city’s standard for sophistication. Enhance your enjoyment in two inspired restaurants and the new Alfresco. Discover relaxing spa treatments and unwind with a Workout, tennis Match or outdoor swim. In our astonishingly quiet refuge, just step from Orchard Road, legendary Four Seasons care always promises new delight.

11. What kind of the text above?
A. Announcement
B. Advertisement
C. Invitation
D. Letter
E. Job vacancy

12. What does the hotel provide to enhance our enjoyment?
A. Newly refurbished interiors
B. The city’s standard for sophistication
C. The two inspired restaurant and the new Alfresco
D. Relaxing spa treatments and unwind
E. Beautiful swimming pool

13. “Soothing sleek and streamlined with the latest technology” The word “Soothing” means ….
A. Cool and fresh
B. Hot and noisy
C. Quiet and calm
D. Dusty and crowded
E. Clean and cheap

Soal Teks Advertisement 6: Hotels and Appartments

Sunwel Beach Residences Ketewel – Bali Prime Property – Prime Location – Prime Investment Only 5 minutes away from Sanur, directly at the beach All apatments with view to the sea, full hotel amenities Large pools, spa, fitness, sauna & steam, Parking, Restaurant
For complete infromation please visit our website www.balihotels.com
invitation – stimulation – temptation
Where: Hotel Mulia Senayan, Jakarta (Leatris Room)
When: 15th and 16th of January 2010 (15.00 – 21.00 WIB)
For reservation: PT. Umadamai Phone +62 361 759 958 or email:
For every purchase prior to 31.01.2010 we will invite the buyer for the Ground Breaking-Ceremony
**Flight from Jakarta to Bali and a night in a luxury villa FREE

14. The text talks about ….
A. Sunwel Beach Residences Ketewel
B. Bali’s apartment development
C. A dream becomes reality
D. Hotel Mulia Senayan
E. Prime property

15. Which of the following is not found in the advertisement?
A. Large pools
B. Restaurant
C. Website
D. Fitness
E. Supermarket

16. “… full hotel amenities Large pools, spa, …” What is the synonym of word “amenities”?
A. Inabilities
B. Facilities
C. Difficulties
D. Complexities
E. Clumsiness

Soal Teks Advertisement 7: Restaurants
Breakfast is provided free of charge.
We also have special discounts on food and drinks at our restaurant for all registered guests. On top of that, there’s a fifty percent discount for children below 12 at our restaurant.
We are located close to the apple garden and butterfly farm. You can also see the sunset and sunrise from your room. Children would also be entitled to free horse riding lesson every morning.
Rp 430,000 per night
Reservation : (0341) 7689980
Email : coolheaven@yahoo.com

17. Which is free of charge in the hotel?
a. Having food and drinks in the restaurant
b. Entering the apple garden
c. Having breakfast and horse riding lesson
d. Staying for nights
e. Going to butterfly farm

18. Who is the fifty percent discount given to?
a. All registered guests
b. 11 year old children
c. 14 year old children
d. Adult people
e. Teenagers

19. “On top of that, there’s a fifty percent discount for children below 12 at our restaurant.”
The underlined word means ….
a. over
b. under
c. after
d. in the ace of
e. beside

Soal Teks Advertisement 8: Restaurants
Every Saturday from 18.00 to 21.30
Dieng Restaurant
A selection of our original recipe
Prepared in front of your eyes by our chef
• Included free Carica Drink
• Enjoy the live music by Antrax Band
For more info:
Call: 3389777 ext. 65111-65112

20. What is the purpose of the advertisement above?
A. To promote Dieng Restaurant
B. To enjoy Antrax Band
C. To inform Dieng Restaurant
D. To describe Dieng Restaurant
E. To explain Carica drink

21. Dieng Restaurant opens on ….
A. everyday
B. every evening
C. Sunday to Friday
D. every Saturday evening
E. every Saturday from 18.00 to 21.30

Soal Teks Advertisement 9: Selling Goods
Sold soon. Espass Mini Bus ’96
Redmetalic, Rp. 35.000.000 negotiated.
AC,CD Player, full accessories,
newleather seat, good machine,
CP: Gogon, Jl. Asem Kranji RT 01/12 No 7, Jakarta
Tlp.(021) 7770388

22. The statements below are true, except….
a. We can contact Gogon if we want to buy it
b. We can not bargain it
c. It is cool inside the car
d. The car is a comfortable car
e. We can listen to music inside the cara

23. The similar meaning of the word “soon” is….
a. Faster
b. later
c. slower
d. quickly
e. longer

Soal Teks Advertisement 10: Selling Goods
This week only
SAVE 25%
Men’s and women’s clothing
Shoes, coats and sweaters, swimwears, jeans.
Jewelry: watches, rings, earrings, necklaces
SAVE 40%
Furniture: leather sofas, dining tables and chairs, bookcases.
Luggage: bags and briefcases

24. Who is the writer of the advertisement?
A. Cassanova’s customer
B. Cassanova’s reader
C. Cassanova’s clients
D. Cassanova’s workers
E. Casanova’s users

25. What is the purpose of the text above?
A. To guide people to go to Cassanova
B. To persuade people to buy things in Cassanova
C. To inform people about things sold in Cassanova
D. To ask people think about Cassanova
E. To tell what Casanova looks like

26. What kind of advertisement is it?
A. a shopping advertisement
B. a job vacancy advertisement
C. a franchise advertisement
D. an entertainment advertisement
E. Business proposal

27. How long is the sale?
A. five days
B. six days
C. seven days
D. eight days
E. Weekend days

28. What goods get 25% off?
A. Bags and briefcases
B. Bookcase and chairs
C. Dining tables and leather sofas
D. Necklaces and watches
E. Chairs and bedcovers

Soal Teks Advertisement 11: Job Vacancies
International Development Agency seeking:
· Civil Engineering (SI, S2 preferred) for position 1
· Community Relation ( SI ) for position 2
· 3 years experiences in related field
· Good English (active)
· Computer literate

29. What position requires a postgraduate (S2) candidate?
a. Civil Engineer
b. Civil Engineering
c. Community Relation
d. Field Coordinator Assistant
e. Agency Developer

30. Applicants have to send the application letter……
a. along February 2014
c. before the first February
b. after February 8th 2014
d. not more than eighth February
e. the end of February

31. The text above offers…
a. a new product
b. an engineer
c. a job vacancy
d. Field Coordinator assistant.
e. opportunity to be an agency

Soal Teks Advertisement 12: Job Vacancies
An expanding foreign company and office equipment requires:
A responsible purchasing for the director to run smoothly the company of heavy equipment with a good salary and good working condition for good applicant
Apply with curriculum vitae to:
Mrs. Berta
Office Equipment World and Efficiency Work
PO Box 1001 Jakarta

32. In which section would you likely read the advertisement?
A. A newspaper
B. In television
C. Job vacancy
D. Entertainment guide
E. Manual guide

33. What position is offered in the advertisement?
A. An Accountant
B. A Supervisor
C. An Officer
D. A Purchasing officer
E. Sales assistant

34. What information should the applicant include in it?
A. Experience managing a company
B. Personal hobby
C. Leisure time activities
D. Weekend program
E. Organizational background

35. Engaged in what sector is the company?
A. Automotive
B. Wholesaler satisfactory
C. The company of heavy equipment
D. Company equipment
E. Purchasing documents

36. How should applicants send the job application?
A. An email
B. social media
C. Post Office
D. Come directly
E. Telephone

Soal Teks Advertisement 13: Job Vacancies
Indonesia’s leading company is looking for the right person to fill in the following position :
Executive Secretary (ES)
Requirements :
• 4 years experience as EXECUTIVE SECRETARY.
• Female with maximum 33 years old.
• Min. D3Secretary, preferable, from Tarakanita.
• Excellent in operating computer software program.
• Excellent in English both oral and written.
Interest candidate should send application letter and CV within 10 days to: e.ariari.wardaya@vacant.co.id

37. What position is needed ?
A. Tarakanita.
B. Indonesia’s leading company.
C. Executive secretary.
D. Computer programmer.
E. English speaker

38. The following are the requirements needed, except …
A. Four years experience.
B. Able to listening English excellently.
C. Able to operate computer.
D. A 33 years old woman and below
E. Graduate from Tarakanita

39. Where can you usually find the text ?
A. In a photo album.
B. In a diary.
C. In newspapers.
D. In one’s wallet.
E. Class wall magazine

Soal Teks Advertisement 14: Job Vacancies
Native speaker English Teachers
Required Exp/C TEFL preferred
Ph. Louis 8564791-92,
8 a.m-8 p.m
Monday to Saturday

40. Which qualification must the teacher candidate have?
a. Explicit
b. Expressive
c. Expired
d. Experienced
e. Interested

41. The word “ required” has similar meaning with…
a. Called
c. Trained
c. Helped
d. Needed
e. Wished

Soal Teks Advertisement 15: Produk Lain
Dettol is a natural alcohol-free instant hand sanitizer. It’s unique, non-greasy formula kills 99.99% of known bacteria instantly!
It is formulated with a moisturizing blend of aloe vera and mint extract. Dettol’s gentle foaming formula supplies twice as many applications as alcohol-based gels.
Available in bottles and wall dispensers Guaranteed not to dry skin-pure and gentle enough for frequent cleansing when soap and water are not available.

42. The text above tells you about …
A. Instant hand sanitizer
B. Foaming formula
C. Health product promotion
D. Product promotion
E. Taking a bath

43. What content is contained in the soap?
A. A moisturizing
B. Aloe vera and mint extract
C. Mint extract
D. Non-alcohol
E. Bacteria

44. What are the benefits of this soap?
A. Antiseptic hand wash
B. Not to dry skin-pure
C. Cleanse from bacteria, germs, and antiseptic
D. Cleansing your body
E. Cleaning face

45. What is the name of the product?
A. Anti-alcohol
B. Non-bacterial
C. Dettol
D. Hand sanitizer
E. Natural soap

Soal Teks Advertisement 16: Produk Lain
This new express train will begin service between Riverdale and Mayfield on October 24.
The trip takes five hours on the older, slower train. On the express train it will take only three hours.
The express train will have larger, more comfortable seats, and there will be free food for the passengers.
There will be two express trains a day between Riverdale and Mayfield.
There will also be four regular trains. And be happy with these regular trains because the tickets are cheaper.

46. This text is in the form of …
a. a notice
b. a memo
c. a traffic sign
d. an advertisement
e. a letter

47. Why should people be happy with the regular trains?
a. They are more comfortable
b. The tickets are cheaper
c. The food tastes better
d. The seats are larger
e. The train is luxurious

Soal Teks Advertisement 17: Produk Lain
Exclusive facial Cotton
100% pure cotton without bleaching
Ensures better absorbency and comfort for cosmetic application
Hygienic way to remove make up and cleanser
Its softness is suitable for baby’s skin

48. What is the main function of the Exclusive facial cotton?
a. To soften baby‟s skin
b. To absorb cosmetic
c. To comfort the face
d. To clean make up
e. To whitening the skin

49. From the text above we know that Exclusive facial Cotton is …
a. Hygienic in certain items.
b. pure white without chemical process.
c. white with certain addition substances.
d. Made with chemical process.
e. Best for adult skin

Soal Teks Advertisement 18: Produk Lain
Find the correct spelling and pronunciation
Built with more than 80.000 words
Electronic Dictionary
Made of strong plastic
Comes in two colors
Dark grey and light blue
$ 104.50

50. What is being advertised in the text above?…
a. an electronic dictionary
b. a complete dictionary
c. a correct spelling
d. a strong plastic
e. good pronunciation

51. From the advertisement above, we know that …
a. the price of the item is Rp104.500,¬
b. one of the item’s colours is dark blue
c. there are more than 80,000 words in the item
d. the item comes in many colours
e. The price is cheap

52. From the text we know that the writer wants to ….
a. give information about anew complete dictionary
b. inform the cheap price of a printed dictionary
c. persuade the readers to buy an electronic dictionary
d. explain how to use a complete electronic dictionary
e. describe how an electronic dictionary looks like

53. Which one is NOT TRUE according to the text?
a. The price of the item is $ 104.50.
b. It has more than 80,000 words
c. The dictionary is made of plastic
d. One of the item’s colors is dark blue.
e. Written in good spelling

Soal Teks Advertisement 19: Produk Lain
Whitens your teeth safely and effectively, helping to remove plague and tartar too.
Just use daily instead of your normal toothpaste and you will see and feel the difference within days.
Available at pharmacies and department store

54. What is being advertised? …
a. Dental Clinic
b. Tooth paste
c. Shampoo
d. Soap
e. Tooth brush

55. The word “to remove” means…..
a. to repair
b. to wash
c. to clean up
d. to rinse
e. to spin

56. Based on the text we can get it in….
a. Drugstore
b. post
c. shop
d. market
e. butchery

Soal Teks Advertisement 20: Produk Lain
(At the open field near the Prawn Restaurant)
Daily shows : 4.00 p.m., 5.30 p.m. 7.00 p.m., 8.30 p.m. (Mondays to Saturdays)
Sunday and Public Holidays :
Special extra show at 10.00 a.m. and 2.00 p.m.
Opening : 1 December 2009 at 8.30 p.m.
Last Day : 31 December 2009
Tickets : Adult Rp 100.000,00; Rp 75.000,00; Rp50.000,00
Children (7-12) Rp 40,000,00 Below 7 years free

57. The social function of the text above is ….
a. To describe about the prices of the tickets
b. To give information the holiday attractions are from India
c. To entertain people by enjoying the circus
d. To attract people to come to the circus
e. To argue with the circus audience

58. Which statement incorrect based on the text?
a. The show will last for a month
b. There are no morning shows in business days
c. The least expensive ticket for adult is Rp 50.000,00
d. The seven years old children can see the circus without paying
e. The show will be performed next year again

59. Where will the circus show?
a. in the field
b. in the hotel
c. in a hall near Prawn restaurant
d. in the playground
e. in the house yard

60. The circus will show at this place for…..
a. Thirty days
b. 1 December
c. Before December
d. 31 December
e. After December

Soal Teks Advertisement 21: Produk Lain
Em-4 is a mixture of microorganisms that give the benefit for cattle growth and product.
1. To decrease smell pollution.
2. To balance mutual microorganisms
3. To increase the quality and quantity of cattle product.
How to use:
1. To get satisfying result, dissolve 1cc EM-4 per liter of water every day.
2. Spray 1cc EM per liter of water every week on the floor, wall and manure.
Agent: PT. Songgolangit
Persada jakarta
Distributor: Ki Hajar Dewantara 46
Phone: (021) 7894529

61. This text tell us about ….
A. Organism
B. Fermentation
C. Cattle product
D. Contact address
E. The use of EM-4

62. One of the benefits of the product is ….
A. For growing cattle bacteria
B. For increasing smell pollution
C. For producing cattle manure and organic fermentation bacteria
D. For increasing micro organisms
E. For increasing quality and quantity of cattle product

63. What will you do to get satisfying result?
A. Dissolve 1 cc EM-4 per litre of water every two days
B. Dissolve 4 cc EM-1 per litre of water every week
C. Dissolve 1 cc EM-4 per litre of water every week
D. Dissolve 4 cc EM-1 per litre of water per day
E. Dissolve 1 cc EM-4 per litre of water everyday

Begitulah contoh soal teks Iklan dalam bahasa Inggris beserta jawabannya. Advertisement text ini menjadi salah satu teks fungsional yang harus dipelajari di bangku sekolah menengah. Dari sekian banyak soal bahasa Inggris ini jka ada jawaban yang kurang tepat, bisa dikoreksi. Happy learning English!

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