Invitation adalah undangan salah satu dari functional text bahasa Inggris. Sebelumnya kita sudah belajar pengertian generic structure dan contoh invitation text. Sekarang kita berlatih soal dari teks invitation bahasa Inggris ini lengkap dengan jawaban. Soal disini berbentuk pilihan ganda atau multiple choice dimana sering dipakai sebagai format baku untuk ujian nasional dan ujian sekolah.

Berlatih sal undangan bahasa Inggris besifat keharusan karena menjadi tema dari teks fungsional bahasa Inggris, selain dari text genre, dan juga teks transsactiona interpersonal. Ketiga jenis teks inilah yang menjadi materi pokok belajar bahasa Inggris berbasis teks (learning English through text types approaches)

Kumpulan Contoh Soal Teks Invitation Bahasa Inggris beserta Jawabannya

Semua soal yang disajikan dibawah ini juga dilengkapi dengan jawaban yang benar. Kebenaran jawaban tentu saja sangat bisa dikoreksi bila mana terdapat kekeliruhan. Hampir kebanyakan undangan bahasa Inggris berikut bertema kegiatan sosial (school Activities) dan beberpa bentuk undangan bahasa Inggris macam pernikahan, penggalangan dana, kelulusan dll.

soal jawaban invitation text

Soal Invitation Text 1: Kegiatan Sekolah
SMA. Negri 137
JL Mawar 15/26
Telp (0261) 4255612

Dear Samanta
We invite you to attend our meeting that will be held:
On Saturday, August 8,2018
At 01.30 p.m. – 02.30 p.m.
In the school hall
Agenda= final preparation for the 2018 PENSI competition on next Tuesday, please com on time, see your there.

Chair Person

1. The competition will be held?
A. On Sunday, August 8,2018
B. On Saturday, August 8,2017 >>>>
C. On Friday, June 8,2018
D. On Saturday, June 8,2018
E. On Tueday, August 11, 2018 >>>>

2. Based on the text, we know that .…
A. The meeting will be held in the school hall>>>>
B. If you cloud not come, you should call Naomi
C. The meeting only invites the committee
D. The meeting will be held in the morning
E. The competition will be held in the evening

Soal Invitation Text 2: Kegiatan Sekolah
Dear all colleagues,
Danny Moulder
Warmly invites you in a monthly regular meeting
Tuesday, June 2, 2015
7.30 – 9.30 p.m.
Room 909, second floor

Let us know if someone wants to lead the group in a discussion of a specific topic of their choice.
Bring your news. Bring your solutions.

3. When will the meeting take place?
A. June 2, 2015 >>>
B. In the morning
C. 7.30 – 9.30 p.m
D. In the second week
E. The the third month

4. From the text above, we know that the meeting is held ….
A. Every month >>>>
B. Every Tuesday
C. In the second week
D. On the second of the month
E. Twice a month

Soal Invitation Text 3: Kegiatan Sekolah
To celebrate the Indonesian Independence Day, All students are invited to join a writing competition.
Express your love to our country through writing. Contact each class captain for further information.

5. The event was made by ….
A. The school >>>>>>>
B. The government
C. The authority
D. The student organization
E. Personal

6. Independence day of Indonesia is celebrated on …….
A. August 7th
B. August 17th >>>>>>>>>>
C. August 27th
D. April 21st
E. April 1st

7. The contestant can ask this information to ….
A. The student organization >>>>>>>>>>>>>
B. Headmaster
C. The captain of the class
D. The teacher
E. Their friends

Soal Invitation Text 4: Kegiatan Sekolah
Students Organization
SMA Negeri 22
Jl. Satama No.8 Jakarta 13780. Telp (021) 7403316

Dear Rita, We invite you to attend our meeting that will be held:
– On Saturday, April 24th, 2018
– At 1.30 p.m — 2.30 p.m.
– In the school hall
Agenda : Final preparation for the PORSENI 2018 competition
Please come on time. See you there!

8. What will the meeting discuss?
A. The result of PORSENI 2018
B. The final preparation for the PORSENI 2018 Competition >>>>
C. The competition for PORSENI 2018
D. The competition for the student organization
E. The competition football

9. The meeting will be held ….
A. In the afternoon >>>>>
B. In the evening
C. In the morning
D. At night
E. Not long after the break

Soal Invitation Text 5: Smart Competition
Dear all committees of Smart Competition 2018,
Invite you in last meeting of this event
On Monday, August 30, 2018
6 – 8 p.m.
AL.A.D room, third floor
For head of division, please prepare your progress on this event and for those who have idea, don’t forget to deliver it in the meeting.
M Dino Arua

10. Where is the meeting of smart competition 2018 take place?
A. AL.A.D room, third floor >>>>>
B. M Dinoi’s house
C. Not yet announced
D. Committee’s room
E. Meeting’s room

11. From the invitation text above, we can say that …
A. It is the final meeting >>>>>
B. M Dino Arua is the project manager of Smart Competition 2018
C. M Dino Arua is invited to join smart competition 2018 meeting
D. The meeting will be ended on 6 p.m
E. The meeting will be held in AL.A.D room, first floor

Soal Invitation Text 6: Student Weekly Meeting
To all members of UNA Society Petroleum Engineer Student Chapter
I would like to remind you to come the weekly meeting on Wednesday, 23 August 2018, from 7 p.m until 9 p.m in
our meeting room. There will be some souvenir from Bali.
Best regards,
Ridlo Irman

12. Based on the invitation text above, the following statements are false, except …
A. The meeting held every week >>>>>
B. Every week, Ridlo Irman gives a souvenir from Bali to all members of UNA Society Petroleum Engineer Student Chapter
C. The meetings always held on Wednesday
D. The meeting always held in meeting room
E. Ridlo Irman is the president of UNA Society Petroleum Engineer Student Chapter

Soal Invitation Text 7: Debate Competition
Dear Gigih,
Due to the English Debate Competition 2018 event on 1 December 2018, at Dubai, please come to the selection of English Debate Competition 2018.
The top three students will become UNA’s Delegate and compete with others top
students in the world. I believe that you have the quality to pass the selection.
Best regards,
Atim Sekarwangi

13. What is the purpose of the invitation text above?
A. To invite Arum attend the selection of English Debate Competition 2018
B. To invite Gigih join the internal selection process >>>>
C. To invite someone join the English Debate Competition 2018 at Dubai
D. To inform Gigih the selection of English Debate Competition 2018
E. To invite someone join the internal selection process

14. “The top three students will become UNA’s delegate and compete with others…” The word “become” has synonym to …
A. Participate >>>
B. Watch
C. Register
D. See
E. Having Teamwork

Soal Invitation Text 8: Graduation Party
Glad if you can attend and laugh with us In respect of our Daughter’s perseverance and persistence
Isyana Sarasvati has graduated from an Msi
(Master of Science from Bandung Institute Technology)
Accompany with us on
Sunday, Mei 30, 2019 at 8 p.m.
The Suite Room, Hermitage Hotel.
Afgan and Melly Goeslaw
RSVP 65412397

15. Who is graduated from Bandung Institue Technology?
A. Afgan
B. Melly Goeslaw
C. Isyana Sarasvati >>>>
D. Afgan’s son
E. Afgan and Melly Goeslaw

16. Based on the invitation text above, we can conclude that…
A. Melly Goeslaw is Isyana’s daughter
B. The party will be held in Hermitage Hotel >>>>>
C. The party ended at 8 p.m
D. The party is to celebrate Isyana’s Birthday
E. Afgan and Melly Goeslaw have been graduate from Bandung Institute Technology

Soal Invitation Text 9: Marriage Party
Mr. & Mrs. Kenedy
Glad to invite you to come
The marriage of their daugther
Chelsea Islan
Argavi Koto
at Alila Villas Uluwatu Hotel, Bali
on Friday, 1 November 2018
Started on 1 p.m
Please RSVP before 30 October to Rahmat
There will be Maroon 5 performance
We wait your presence.

17. The fact from the invitation text above is…
A. The Chelsea islan and Rahmat will get married on Bali
B. Mr & Mrs. Kenedy are celebrating their marriage in Alila Villas Uluwatu Hotel
C. You can inform Argavi Koto to attend the event
D. There will be Maroon 5 performance on that wedding party. >>>
E. Rahmat is Kenedy’s son

Soal Invitation Text 10: Wedding Party
Suenna & David
are waiting you to their wedding
Time  : 19.30
Date  : 12th of April Sunday
Place : Blue Zest Beach Club

18. What does the purpose of the text?
A. To offer something or an event to the people
B. To invite people to an event >>>>
C. To inform about an event
D. To express personal greeting and congratulation
E. To give direct information

19. What party does Suanne and David held?
A. Circumcision party
B. Farewell party
C. Wedding party >>>>>>>>
D. New born baby party
E. Birthday party

20. What day does it happen?
A. Sunday >>>>>
B. Monday
C. Wednesday
D. Friday
E. Saturday

Soal Invitation Text 11: Anniversary
Please join us! As we celebrate our 40th Anniversary
Romano and Wati Jean
Friday, May 7th
6.30p.m -10.OOp.m
Pondok Indah, South Jakarta
(Dinner is available)
RSVP 65412397
(Nanang/ Nini/ Nita)

21. The type of the party above is …
A. Birthday Party
B. Graduation Party
C. Marriage Party >>>>
D. New year party
E. Ceremonial new house party

22. The purpose of the invitation text above is…?
A. To tell an good relationship
B. To describe a certain party
C. To persuade people to have marriage
D. To invite people to join the party >>>>
E. To share the happiness

Soal Invitation Text 12: New Year Party
Dear Bianca Jodie,
Time counted so fast. Let’s celebrate new year’s eve together!
Sunday, December 31st
9 p.m. until drop
At Dragonfly Bar Jln Gatot Subroto

23. What is the purpose of the invitation text above?
A. To make a new relation
B. To spend time together
C. To have conversation with old friend
D. To reunite with old friends
E. To celebrate the new year’s eve >>>>

24. From the invitation text above, we can say that?
A. Bianca and Hannah have not good relationship
B. Bianca Jody invites Hannah to celebrate new year’s eve together
C. The Dragonfly Bar is not at Jln. Gatot Subroto
D. The party started from 9 p.m. >>>>>
E. The party ended at midnight

Soal Invitation Text 13: Fund Raising
Hi, guys! Our neighborhood will hold a Fund Raising Activity next month.
It is intended to help victims of the landslide which happened yesterday. Everyone who is interested in this activity, please join us.
You are also invited to donate your used clothes.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Ms. Maryam as chief program coordinator at her house from 07.00 a.m. – 03.00 p.m. Monday to Friday.

25. What is the announcement about?
A. A neighborhood’s activity
B. Ms. Maryam’s program
C. Used clothes donation
D. Victims of a landslide
E. Fund Raising Activity >>>>>>>>>>>

26. Where can Ms. Maryam accept her neighbors’ questions?
A. At her house >>>>>>>>>
B. At her office
C. At the neighborhood
D. At the landslide area
E. At the committee office

27. “If you have any question, please feel free to contact Ms. Maryam.” This setence has the same meaning as ….
A. Ms. Maryam is always ready to give information you need >>>>>
B. Ms. Maryam is always ready to ask your questions
C. You are not charged if you contact Ms.Maryam
D. Ms. Maryam will give you questions freely
E. Ms. Maryam has questions to ask

Demikianlah kumpulan contoh soal teks invitation dan jawabannya. Teks Undangan ini juga bisa diikuti dengan jenis soal HOTS yang diangap sulit itu. Jika ingin bejara khusus soal High order Thinking Skill, maka bisa membaca kumpulan soal hots bahasa Inggris berikut

Kumpulan Contoh SOAL HOTS Bahasa Inggris dan Jawabannya

Jika membutuhkan contoh soal dari berbagai jenis teks, bisa membaca kumpulan soal bahasa Inggris. Seperti pada soal undangan ini, semua soal dalam bebagai macam teks yang berbeda tersebut juga dilengkapi dengan jawabannya. Happy learning English!

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