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Sudah banyak contoh explanation text yang diberikan dalam blog ini akan tetatpi tahukah kalua jenis teks penjelelasan ini bisa langsung dikenali dari judulnya. Hampir semua contoh judul explanation text akan memuat kata “How” atau kata “Why” dilanjutkan dengan kata yang merujuk gejala social atau gejala alam. Dalam teks sederhana, judul teks explanation bisa seperti “How corruption happens” atau teks penjelasan dengan judul “Why people love him” Dari judul contoh explanation text about social phenomena seperti diatas, kitab bisa dengan mudah menentukan apakah ini termasuk contoh text explanation atau bukan.

Untuk meyakinkan bahwa sebuah tulisan termasuk bagian dari example of explanation text about social phenomena maka perlu menganalisa bagaiaman teks tersebut disusun. Umumnya social phenomena explanation text itu urutkan dari generic structure nya, yaitu general statement dan dilanjutkan dengan sequenced explanation. Kalau 2 unsur struktur “general statement & sequential explanation“ itu ditemukan, maka bisa dipastikan tulisan essay tersebut adalah explanation text examples. Hal seperti diatas juga berlaku untuk contoh expalanation tentang gejala alam.

Contoh Text Explanation Terbaru Beserta Generic Structure nya

Meskipun sudah ada lebih dari 30 contoh teks explanation dalam blog ini, kali ini tetap diberikan contoh teks explanantion dengan tema-tema terbaru yang terjadi disekitar kita. Tema teks explanation kali ini tentang social phenomena dan juga natural phenomena

1. Expalanation Text Social Phenomena -Title: The Nature of Laziness – How It Happens

General Statement:
Laziness, often viewed negatively, is a state of disinclination to activity or exertion. Understanding the underlying factors contributing to laziness can help individuals address and overcome it.

Sequential Explanation:
Lack of Motivation:
One of the primary factors contributing to laziness is a lack of motivation. When individuals lack clear goals or incentives to take action, they may succumb to inertia and procrastination.
Comfort Zone:
People often gravitate towards activities that require minimal effort and provide immediate gratification, preferring the comfort of familiar routines over the discomfort of change or challenge.
Mindset and Habits:
Laziness can also stem from entrenched mindset and habits. Negative thought patterns, such as self-doubt or fear of failure, can create barriers to productivity, leading to a cycle of inaction.

2. Expalanation Text Social Phenomena – Title: The Evolution of Discipline – How It is Formed

General Statement:
Discipline is a cornerstone of personal and societal order, fostering self-control and responsible behaviour. Understanding its development illuminates its role in shaping character and success.

Sequential Explanation:
Early Formation:
Discipline begins in childhood with caregivers setting boundaries and rules. Through consistent guidance and reinforcement, children learn the importance of self-regulation and respect for authority.
Internalization and Practice:
As individuals mature, discipline transitions from external enforcement to internalized values. Through practice and habit formation, they strengthen their self-discipline, making choices aligned with their values and goals.
Community Support:
Discipline is reinforced within communities through shared expectations and support networks. By surrounding themselves with like-minded individuals and mentors, individuals sustain and enhance their discipline, contributing to personal growth and societal harmony.

3. Expalanation Text Social Phenomena – Title: Unveiling the Honesty – Why It is Important

General Statement:
Honesty serves as a fundamental pillar in fostering trust, integrity, and meaningful relationships within society. Delving into the reasons behind its value sheds light on its profound impact on individuals and communities.

Sequential Explanation:
Foundation of Trust:
Honesty forms the bedrock of trust between individuals. When people consistently speak and act truthfully, it cultivates trust and reliability, laying the groundwork for healthy relationships and cooperation.
Integrity and Authenticity:
Honesty reflects one’s integrity and authenticity, demonstrating a commitment to moral principles and transparency. By aligning words with deeds, individuals uphold their values and earn respect from others.
Social Cohesion:
In a society built on honesty, communication flows freely, and conflicts are resolved with openness and sincerity. Communities thrive when members uphold honesty as a shared value, fostering mutual respect and understanding.

4. Expalanation Text Natural Phenomena – Title: How is The Formation of Rainbows

General Statement:
Rainbows are natural wonders that appear when sunlight interacts with raindrops in the atmosphere. Understanding their formation sheds light on the science behind their captivating beauty.

Sequential Explanation:
Refraction and Dispersion:
Sunlight bends as it enters a raindrop, separating into its component colors due to dispersion. This bending and separation of light are crucial steps in the formation of a rainbow.
Internal Reflection and Viewing Angle:
Inside the raindrop, light undergoes internal reflection before exiting and bending once more. The observer’s viewing angle of approximately 42 degrees is key to seeing the vivid colors of the rainbow in the sky.

5. Expalanation Text Natural Phenomena – Title: How Floods Form

General Statement:
Floods occur when an excessive amount of water inundates land that is usually dry, leading to widespread damage and disruption. Understanding the mechanics of flooding is vital for effective mitigation and preparation.

Sequential Explanation:
Heavy Rainfall or Snowmelt:
Intense rainfall over a short period or rapid snowmelt can overwhelm rivers, streams, and drainage systems, causing water levels to rise rapidly.
Saturation of Soil:
As the precipitation continues, the soil becomes saturated, unable to absorb more water. This saturation leads to increased surface runoff, exacerbating flooding in low-lying areas.
River Overflow and Urban Flooding:
Overflowing rivers and streams inundate adjacent land, while impermeable surfaces in urban areas prevent water from infiltrating the ground, causing drainage systems to be overwhelmed and urban flooding to occur.
Coastal Flooding:
Coastal areas are susceptible to flooding from storm surges, driven by strong winds and low atmospheric pressure, coinciding with high tides. This combination can lead to seawater inundating coastal regions, causing extensive damage.

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Begitulah kumpulan contoh teks explanation ini disajikan. Semoga ada guna dan manfaat

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