Making and Responding Requests in English

English Admin – Cara membuat dan menjawab sebuah permintaan. Topik berbicara bahasa Inggris yang umum kita jumpai adalah How to make and respond to a request. Berlatih berbicara bisa dengan cara membaca keras atau bermain peran.

When we want someone else do like what we want then we make a request. The following words and phrases are useful expressions of making and responding request. The sample phrases are arranged from formal to informal

cara membuat dan menjawab request permintaan bahasa Inggris

Ungakapan dan frase digunakan untuk membuat dan merespon sebuah permintaan request dalam bahasa Inggris

A: Could I trouble/bother you to lend me $200?
B: (positive) Of course, it’s no problem/trouble (at all).
B: (negative) It’s impossible for me because I’ve only got $150.

A: Could you please take me to the airport tomorrow morning?
B: (positive) Certainly.
B: (negative) I wish I could, but I’ve got an appointment at 8:30.

A: Will you help me fix this error, please?
B: (positive) Sure. I’ll be glad to.
B: (negative) I’m afraid I can’t. I don’t know anything about computers.

A: Would you mind letting me borrow your book?
B: (positive) No, not at all.
B: (negative) I’m sorry, but I need it for next week’s exam.

A: I’d like you to pick up some oil on the way home, if you have time.
B: (positive) No problem.
B: (negative) I can’t do that because I won’t be back until 11:00.

A: How/What about cleaning your room today?
B: (positive) No sweat.
B: (negative) Sorry. I’m going out with Lucy.

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