Horseman In The Sky: Example of Spoof Text with Ironic Twist

English Admin – Learning English text. What is spoof? How this story is arranged? How can we find the difference between spoof story and other genres.

Finding the differences between this story from other types can be easily done through the generic structure. Three elements of structure used for spoof text are orientation, series of event, and twisting ending of the story.

To make clear, let’s see the following example of spoof text. The story is funny and amusing enough event it can make us laugh

Horseman In The Sky
Carter Druse was born in Virginia. He was a southerner. When the United States was divided by a terrible civil war, Carter decided to join the Union Army of the north.

He told his father about his decision to join the north army. His father looked deep into his son’s eyes. “Carter, No matter what happens, be sure you always do what you think is your duty.”

One sunny afternoon, Carter was sent to guard. It was his duty to be sure that no enemy soldier spied on. Suddenly, he saw a man on horseback standing on the huge rocky cliff. He held a gun in his right hand, and the horse’s reins in the other. Unavoidably, Carter pointed his gun. Carter was calm as he pulled the trigger.

Soon after firing his gun, Carter was joined by a Union sergeant. “Did you fire?” The sergeant whispered.


“At what?” The sergeant continued.

“A horse”

“Was there anyone on the horse?” The sergeant asked again.

“Who? ” The sergeant kept asking.

“My father.”

Note: This example of ironic spoof text is summarized from Ambrose Bierce’s A Horseman in the Sky

Relating to the structure used above, can you get the point? Where is the twisting ending located in the story? This is the ironic twist of the story.

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