Worker Buried Under Pineapples: News Item Text Example

This post is an odd, funny, strange news. It is not only a spoof text which can be funny but a news item text too. No more talking, let’s see the following example of short funny news item text!

A Worker was Buried in Pineapples
There was a man working at a warehouse. When he was doing his job, he was buried on 1500 pounds of pineapple.
The identity of the worker was not reported. Though he got that accident, he was not injured but he was sent to a hospital.
The accident happened when the worker was unloading boxes of pineapple from shipping container. The stack toppled over as result more than one thousand pounds of pineapple buried him.
The New York Daily News reported that the worker was  39 years old. While he was unloading pineapples from the ship, he got the accident

That is an odd news. Poor him but it keeps odd and funny. Well now we are going to talk about the generic structure.
Newsworthy event: A man buried in pineapple when he was working
Background event: The worker’s name was not known. He was injured but kept to sent to hospital. The man got accident when he was working unloading the pineapple from the ship container.
Source: New York Daily News’ report can be a source of this news item text that the man is 39 year old.

That is all our news item to day. Hopefully we get better understanding what a news item text is.

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