Contoh Recount Text Biografi Singkat: PSY Gangnam Style

Contoh recount text tentang biografi singkat penyanyi Gangnam Style. Yang mengidolakan, pasti tahu siapa penyanyinya. Penulisan biografi kebanyakan memakai structure recount text. Kali ini kita mempelajari contoh recount text lewat biografi singkat PSY.

Disamping bentuk penulisan biografi, teks jenis recount biasanya ditemui dalam bentuk diary, jejak rekam pengalaman hidup yang juga dikenal dengan istilah personal narrative. Baiklah langsung saja berikut adalah contoh recount text dalam bentuk biografi.

Contoh Recount Text: Biografi singkat Park Jae-sang

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Gangnam Style is now famous in the wold. Do you know the man behind it? He is Park Jae-sang and known as PSY.

He was born on Desember 31 1977 at Gangnam District , Seoul, South Korea. He was grown up among bussines family members. His father is an executive chairman of manufacturing company and his mother is owner of several restaurants.

Park Jae-sang  got  his elementary education from Banpo and continued his study to Middle Schools and Sehwa High School. After graduated from high school, in 1996, Park flew to United Stated to study business administration at Boston University. He was a student there for only one semester because he dropped out of Boston University after he attended an English-language course in Summer. Leaving business administration field, he studied music at Berkley College of Music but soon he dropped out of Barklee College too.

Park Jae-sang  returned to South Korea without having university degree and pursued carrier as singer. He releases his first album Psy from the Psycho World! in 2001. Because of the inappropriate content, he was fined by South Korean government authorities. In 2002 he had the second album Sa 2 but again he was banned. In 2006 he got his fourth album Sa Jib. At that time he won honors at Hong Kong’s Mnet Asian Music Awards.