The Biggest Insect was Found – Example of News Item Text

English Admin learning the news. This example of news item text can help you to understand how to write and arrange the structure of writing news publication. News item can be arranged with the elements of newsworthy event, background event, and source. See the sample below!

News item text can be found in any news paper, magazine, online media. The following text is another example of news item text

The Biggest Insect was Found

An explorer has found the biggest insect ever on record – so large it can scoff a carrot. The insect is called a Weta Bug and has a huge wing span of seven inches and weighs as much as three mice.

An entomologist Mark Moffett, 55, discovered the cricket-like creature up a tree on New Zealand’s Little Barrier Island. He spent two days searching for the creepy crawly which were thought to be extinct after Europeans brought rats to the island many years ago.

“This became all the more amazing when we realized that this was the largest insect recorded.” Mark said.

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Below is given the news translation in bahasa Indonesia. The translation is still rough because it is given by an online translation tool. If you think it is not good, you can modified it. Here is the translation

Penjelajah telah menemukan serangga terbesar pernah pada catatan – begitu besar itu dapat mengejek wortel. Serangga disebut Weta Bug dan memiliki bentang sayap besar dari tujuh inci dan berat sebanyak tiga tikus.