Contoh Analytical Exposition: WILDLIFE CONSERVATION

Kali ini kita sajikan 1 lagi contoh analytical exposition yang bebeda dengan contoh teks exposition tentang listrik sebelumnya. Teks tentang perlunya menekankan konservasi kehidupan binatang liar di habitat aslinya ini cukup panjang. Kalau biasanya contoh jenis teks bahasa Inggris itu biasanya pendek dan singkat. Meski begitu akan tetap diberikan juga penggunaan schematic structure nya.

Menurut penulis teks analytical exposition yang cukup panjang ini, Ada hal yang sangat krusial yaitu mulai menurunkany keberadaan binatan gliar di habitatnya. Anehnya banyak ditemukan binatang buas di tempat-tempat pribadi atau umum seperti kebun binatang dan tempat-tempat pemeliharaan hewan lainnya.

Agar lebih mudah dipahami apa pengertian analytical exposition itu, kita liaht saja langsung contoh essay bahasa Inggris berikut

There is reason for the deepest concern about the plight of Wildlife in our country. Many rare species are threatened with extinction because of the greed of hunters game collections.
Orangutan are rarely found in their natural habitat in the forest of Kalimantan and Sumatra, but one may find them in zoo and private menageries all over the world. Ruthless hunters kill innocent elephants for their valuable ivory tusks, or catch them alive to perform in circuses. Tiger’s hides decorate walls and floors of rich people’s home in distant countries.
If things are allowed to continue in this way, it is feared that very soon all wildlife will disappear from our forests. Fortunately, the government has now imposed strict law on hunting. Some areas are designated wildlife reserves where hunters cannot enter. These include Ujungkulon and Pangandaran in West Java, Merubetiri in East Java, and many more in the other islands.
Some time ago our newspapers contained reports of elephants which had run amok in the province of Lampung. They had emerged from their abode in the forest and destroyed crops and houses belonging to the villagers. The people could not understand why the beasts had suddenly gone wild. The strange thing was that the animals had not come for food, because having wrought destruction they returned to the forest. They seemed to have come only to vent their anger. As elephants are protected by law, the people could not kill any of them.
The explanation for the elephants strange behaviour is that they felt their quiet life had been disturbed by the timber-felling projects and saw-mills set up deep in the forest. The animals felt their domain was being narrowed by man, and so they got angry. Elephants need peace and quiet for their family life. They also need vast areas of land in which to roam. They live in herds, and each herd likes to have its own territory. Now the government has driven the elephants back into the forests, away from any village or lumber-mill.
By shouting and shooting in the air, the people drove the great beasts to a new abode in the district of Air Sugihan. It is hoped that they will feel at home there and can live in peace and quiet.

Penggunaan Generic Structure Contoh Analytical Exposition tentang Wildlife Conservation

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