4 Contoh Pidato Pendek Bahasa Inggris + Audio MP3 Berbagai Topik

Pidato dalam bahasa Inggris adalah making speech. Inilah 4 contoh pidato bahasa Inggris sangat singkat berbagai topik seputar remaja dan siswa di sekolah. Belajar memahami teks pidato ini sangat penting mengingat ada materi bahasa Inggris memahami contoh hortatory text dan juga teks fungsional lainnya

Jenis teks hortatoy memang ditujukan untuk meyakinkan para pendengar dan pembacanaya karenanya disamping sebagi latihan untuk berbicara di atas panggung (making speech on the stage), kumpulan contoh teks pidato pendek bahasa Inggris berikut juga bisa dijadikan sebagi salah satu contoh hortatory text bahasa Inggris seperti disampaikan diatas.

4 topiks yang disajikan dan contoh pidato pendek ini meliputi seputar kehidupan remaja dan pasa siswa yang masih mengemban tugas utama untuk belajar, yaitu:
1. Pidato tentang membiasakan gaya hidup sehat
2. Pidato tentang pengaruh Internet terhadapa remaja dan siswa sekolah
3. Pidato tentang pelestarian kebudayaan lokal dan nasional
4. Pidato tentang pentingnya menghindari kebiasaan merokok di usia sekolah

Ke 4 contoh pidato pendek bahasa Ingris dibawah ini disampaikan dengan bahasa sederhana dan mudah untuk dihapalkan. Tidak ada kosa kata yang sulit sehingga sangat mungkin untuk dipahami tanpa diberikan terjemahan.

4 contoh pidato pendek bahasa Inggris

Latihan dan contoh teks pidato dalam bahasa Inggris, siapa takut?

Namun jika dirasa masih banyak yang kesulitan dengan arti ke 4 teks pidato bahasa Inggris dibawah ini, nantinya juga mungkin akan disediakan terjemahnnya.

1. Pidato Bahasa Inggris Tentang Hidup Sehat
Pidato pertama adalah contoh bagaimana menyampaikan betapa pentinngya memilih cara hidup sehat agar selalu fit setiap hari dan meraih impian yang dicita-citakan. Yang ingin download file audio MP3 nya lihat DISINI

My friends,
Today I am going to deliver my speech about healthy life. Well, do you want to be healthy every day? If your answer is YES, then I need your attention. My short speech is about how and why we should have a healthy living pattern.
Getting a healthy living style is extremely important. Besides being able to make a healthy body, it can also make avoid some diseases. There are a few healthy living patterns to consider, they are, healthy diet, exercise, and enough rest.
We should keep on a healthy diet. Due to such healthy diet, we will be prevented from obesity an even malnutrition. There are so many food advertisements which attract us but we should think to stop eating some unhealthy food. Eating enough healthy food means getting a healthy body.
Next is sport. Well as we know, sport is an activity that’s easy to do. However many of us ignore it.  Having regular exercises can be benefit for the health of the body. There are many kinds of exercises which we can do every day, from the cheapest one like cycling to the high cost exercises such as going to gym.
Besides healthy diet and regular exercise, having enough rest is also very important. Enough rest will restore our bodies which are tired. Good quality of rest will gives enough time for body to restore the power which we have used.
Well, my friends
Having a healthy life pattern which consists of a good diet, regular exercises and an adequate rest should be kept on every day. It should be done whether in leisure time or busy day. It also gives a good impact on our attitude and as the result we will always be optimistic. Do you know why we should be optimistic every day? Yes, optimism will lead to a high achievement.
My beloved friends,
I think that’s all my speech today. Thank you for listening

2. Pidato Bahasa Inggris Tentang Pengaruh Internet Kepada Remaja dan Siswa
Pidato kedua memberikan ulasan singkat tentang dua sisi Internet. Satu sisi sangat beranfaat sedangkan di sisi yang lain kadang bisa menghancurakan. Itulah kekuatan dari jaman digital ini. Yang ingin download file audio MP3 nya lihat DISINI

My dearest friends,
I am going to deliver a speech entitled the influence of the Internet on teenagers and students.
We are all very familiar with Internet, especially teenagers and students. Internet serves as a main source of information. The presence of the internet among teenagers and students actually can be a helpful learning medium to achieve a satisfying achievement of learning.
All of us the students, professionals, parents, young and grown up people can pick the benefits of the Internet, such as enjoying media and entertainment, exchanging data quickly, communicating with wider people, and broadening insights and perspective on certain issue. In short, Internet is a powerful medium to achieve some goals.
My beloved friends,
Unfortunately, Internet does not always give good impact to us. Internet proposes freedom to exchange everything among its users around the world. In this case, Internet also gives negative impacts on teenagers and students. These negative impacts can be from adult contents, violence materials, and addiction to online gaming and social networking. They are very influential in the lives of teens and students.
The large numbers of sites which are not proper for teenagers and students are easily enter the room of teenagers and students. They can absorb such Internet contents without parent’s control. Additionally, the addiction to online gaming and social networking such as Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter often makes teenagers and students forget their main duty to learn. Due to this addiction, they forget going to sleep in the night, neglecting the lessons, and even spending too much money to access those Internet contents.
My dearest friends,
Both the positive and negative impacts of the internet are in the hands of the users. If we use the internet wisely, we will get a lot of good benefits. On the contrary, if we do not use the internet properly, we can fall into the trap of negative impacts.
So my Friends, let’s use Internet properly. Do not let the internet conquer our lives and destroy our goals. That’s all my speech. I apologize for any mistakes. Thank You

3. Pidato Bahasa Inggris Tentang Pentingnya Melestarikan Kebudayaan Kita
Pidato ketiga berisi ajakan untuk tidak tegoda dengan sekian banyak godaan akan kebudayaan  asing yang TIDAK selaras dengan nilai baik kebudayaan lokal. Yang ingin download file audio MP3 nya lihat DISINI

My friend and my classmates,
Let me present a short speech about culture. All of us have our own culture. All regions also have unique culture. All nations have local genius culture too.
If we are speaking about Indonesian culture then we are talking about cultural diversity. In our country, if we want to count them, then there will be hundreds of tribes, each of which has different cultures. They have their own pattern of clothing, language, and housing. It is obvious that Indonesia has so many cultural aspects. Unfortunately a recent survey shows that some of cultural aspects become extinct. If that condition keeps on happening than dangerously our original cultures will disappear and are replaced with foreign ones.
My friends,
We are now living in the midst of a dynamic life that continues to follow the development of the world. But it seems that that’s the case, as a result, we are unaware or have no efforts to defend our own cultures. If such condition is allowed to continue, it will end our own culture. It can be seen that the mental younger generation now is so easy it is receiving foreign culture though sometimes that culture is not in line with the values of our own culture.
My classmates,
So that is what I want to present in this short speech. We should prevent our high valued culture from extinction. Thank you for your attention.

4. Pidato Bahasa Inggris Tentang Bahaya Merokok
Pidako ke empat ini sudah sangat sering disampaiakan agar para remaja dan siswa yang masih sekolah tidak menedkati atau mencoba kebiasaan merokok. Yang ingin download file audio MP3 nya lihat DISINI

My friends,
The speech which I will tell is entitled the HAZARDS of SMOKING especially for adolescents and children under age.
It is not a secret anymore that now a days, many of the teens who smoke cigarettes. It’s not just teenagers but also small children who are not yet old enough to do it. There is also a portion of smokers know the dangers and consequences of smoking, but they seem to turn a blind eye with all kinds of reasons to keep smoking. But they know that smoking is extremely harmful to health and life in an upcoming mass.
My beloved friends,
Slowly smoking can destroy one of the cells in our body. Scientifically, cigarette smoke causes more than 25 kinds of diseases. The smoke also contains disease. One is lung cancer. The Government has already set up laws on the smoking ban, but there are still many people who break the rule.
Many of the teens admitted that they are smoking on the grounds for relieving stress when they have problems. There are also claiming that just want to try to say, as a true man, even there is also claiming to be just following friends only. We should know that smoking is not the tool which can remove that problem. On the contrary, smoking may pose new problems.
We can see an illustration, there may be some teenagers who secretly smoking in the school environment. They searched for a hidden place to smoke. If that habit goes on, then suddenly we can see physical signs. Some student’s lips look black, limp body, skinny look appearance, and sleepy faces.
My dearest friends,
With an open mind and a broad insight into someone’s certainly choose not to smoke. We should take in their side. We also promote not to smoking too. Let us together avoid smoking in our lives. Don’t let the small stuff which causes many diseases touch and penetrate the skin of our lives
That’s all my speech. Let’s live without smoking. Thank for your attention.

Itulah 4 contoh pidato bahasa Inggris sangat singkat berbagai topik disekitar remaja dan anak sekolah. Disamping sebagi bahan latihan berbicara di atas panggung, teks pidato ini juga bisa digunakan untuk lebih memahami apa dan bagaimana pengertian hortatory exposition yang memang ditulis bertujuan untuk meyakinkan dan mengajak para pembacanya. Sekian semoga tetap semangat belajar bahasa Inggris Online.

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