Generic Structure and Example of Announcement in English

What is announcement? The definition of announcement relating to learning English functional text is  an official notification about something. So publicly people know  what, when, and where it is about.

The purpose, function, and goal of announcement is giving certain people some information of what has happened or what will happen. The generic structure of announcement in English text can be seen below
1. Stating Purpose : The text that contains what event will be held
2. Stating Day and Date and time   : Day and Date realization. The text that contains when the event will be held
3. Stating Place : The text that contains where the event will be held
4. Informing Sender : The text that contains name of the person who will be contacted

Now after we give you the common generic structure of any types of announcement, the sample text below will give you better understanding on what and how an announcement is written. Here they are!

Example of Announcement 1

This make passengers  is announced that they can not bring some objects when they go on flight
example of announcement 7

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