What is English Admin? It is just a personal blog recording the way I am learning English Online. Simply I like English. I am learning, reading, exercising, practicing English and this blog is recording the way I am doing it.

Moreover, English Admin is built to share and also  help you in learning English. “You” here is mostly Students who are studying in junior and senior high schools. Recently when they are learning English, they use text-based learning approach. They should completely learn narrative text, recount descriptive text, procedure text, news item text, analytical exposition, spoof text, explanation, discussion text, hortatory exposition, and review text. When learning English trough text-based approach, students concern  how each type of the texts is organized and how it is typically written. That are what is called Generic Structure and Language Feature of each text.

Besides learning such kind of essay, students also learn short functional texts. They are texts which are used for information everyday. In learning English, the texts can be advertisement, letter, job application, announcement, invitation, banner, poster, memo, and pamphlet etc.