Generic Structure and Example of Invitation Text in English

Now we are learning about example of invitation card. Invitation is one of the functional texts which students of high schools should learn in the subject of English besides brochure, advertisement, announcement, leaflet, pamphlet, memo, business note both formal and informal forms.

The definition of invitation is a text which containing a request, a solicitation, or an attempt to get another person to join you at a specific event. The generic structure of invitation is:
1. Including event title: including the purpose or type of event will be held.
2. Showing orientation: inform about what will or who will come.
3. Stating date and time: including when or where the event will be held.
4. Giving closing statement: including hope of the writer to the reader to come to his or her event.

Now let’s see the following example of invitation. They are unique and origin used for factual occasions. Check these!

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