Kumpulan Contoh Soal Simple Past Tense dan Present Perfect Tense dan Jawabannya

Ini adalah soal simple past tense vs present perfect tense pilihan ganda. Model pertanyaan ini biasanya diberikan sebagai soal simple past tense dan present perfect tense kelas 10, terutama semester genap. Materi dan soal simple past tense vs present perfect tense pilihan ganda kelas 10adalah salah satu kompetensi dasar yang harus dikuasai selain pemahaman teks recount, teks narrative, dan pemahaman song lyrics.

Disamping soal simple past tense vs present perfect tense pilihan ganda, ada juga soal essay past tense dan present perfect.Sebenaranya soal simple past tense vs present perfect tense essay tidaklah lebih sulit dari pada soal multiple choice. Jenis soal uraian ini kadang malah lebih gampang dari padasoal pilihan ganda. Yang diperlukan adalah perbendaharaan kosa kata yang banyak, pemahaman grammar structure yang komprehensive, dan juga konteks kalimat pada masing-masing kalimat.

soal simple past tense dan present perfect tense jawaban

Kebanyakan soal present perfect tenseyang diberikan adalah dalam bentuk pilihan ganda atau merubah verb yang telah ditentukan. Adapun cara mengubah simple past tense ke present perfect tense itu tidaklah sulit. Kita hanya perlu merubah kata kerja (Verb) dari bentuk 2 menjadi bentuk 3. Setelah itu, perlu ditambahkan kata HAVE atau HAS setelah subjectnya. Semua soal simple past tense dan present perfect tense berikut ini berrusaha diberikan jawabanya. Namun begitu, tentu saja masih perlu dicek lagi kebernaran dari jawaban tersebut.

1. We …. finished eating dinner, but you ask to leave this dishes. Why?
a. had not
b. not had
c. would not
d. will not
e. have not

2. I ….Martha yesterday. Where was she?
a. Have not seen
b. Didn’t see
c. Hasn’t seen
d. Wasn’t see
e. Didn’t seen

3. We arrived at 8:05, but the train ….already left.
a. has
b. have
c. were
d. is
e. was

4. Sarah ….she went to the zoo before.
a. Think
b. Thinks
c. Thought
d. Has thought
e. Have thought

5. His son ….learned how to read.
a. am
b. have
c. has
d. were
e. was

6. James has not … his homework yet.
a. finished
b. was finished
c. finishing
d. finish
e. finishes

7. Diana … sung this song since she was 8.
a. has
b. is been
c. have
d. have been
e. is being

8. They have … me about this story
a. tell
b. telling
c. told
d. tells
e. had told

9. We … .cooked this delicious food special for you
a. had
b. have
c. has
d. having
e. have been

10. We . . . . . out of gasoline.
a. Have just run
b. has just running
c. has just run
d. have just running
e. has just run

11. The weather … very good yesterday.
a. are not
b. was not
c. is not
d. has not been
e. have been

12. ‘Is Tajib here?’ ‘No, he … yet.’
a. has not been come
b. is not coming
c. has not coming
d. did not come
e. has not come

13. My friend is a writer. He … many books.
a. write
b. has written
c. wrote
d. have written
e. writes

14. What time … to bed last night?
a. does you go
b. do you go
c. did you go
d. you went
e. have gone

15. Last January, I … snow for the first time in my life.
a. sees
b. saw
c. see
d. have seen
e. have been seen

16. I … my hair before breakfast this morning.
a. has washed
b. have washed
c. have not washed
d. washed
e. was washed

17. Karen travels a lot. She … many countries.
a. visiting
b. visited
c. has been visited
d. has visited
e. visits

18. My hair is wet. I … it.
a. just wash
b. just washed
c. am washed
d. washes
e. was washed

19. I … tennis yesterday afternoon.
a. have played
b. play
c. played
d. have playing
e. has played

20. … a famous person?
a. has you ever met
b. have you meet
c. did you meet
d. has you ever met
e. have you ever met

21. She … in a two-story house when she was young.
a. lived
b. has lived
c. have live
d. have been living
e. has been living

22. German Democratic Republic … the Berlin Wall in 1961.
a. has constructed
b. constructed
c. have constructed
d. is constructed
e. are constructed

23. He … the car yet.
a. didn’t fix
b. hasn’t fixed
c. isn’t fixed
d. aren’t fixed
e. haven’t fixed

24. They … in Boston for ten years before moving here.
a. have lived
b. lived
c. lives
d. has lived
e. are living

25. The factory … in operation since 1980.
a. was
b. has been
c. are
d. have been
e. had been

26. … already?
a. has the bus left
b. did the bus leave
c. are the bus leave
d. is the bus leave
e. am the bus leave

27. Arum … her bank locker key yesterday.
a. has lost
b. lost
c. have lost
d. is lost
e. are lost

28. How long … to get the diagnosis? It took so long.
a. have you waited
b. did you wait
c. has you waited
d. are you waited
e. is you waited

29. The driver … his car three times this year.
a. crashed
b. has crashed
c. is crashing
d. are crashing
e. have crashed

30. I … the book, but still don’t get it.
a. have re-read
b. re-read
c. has re-read
d. is re-read
e. are re-read

31. I ……. my wallet. I cannot find it anywhere.
a. lost
b. have lost
c. has lost
d. is lost
e. are lost

32. I…….. at the bedroom but it wasn’t there.
a. looked
b. have looked
c. look
d. has looked
e. looks

33. I …… my car. I have decided to keep it.
a. didn’t sell
b. haven’t sold
c. hasn’t sold
d. don’t sell
e. aren’t sell

34. The baby …… … for three hours.
a. has sleeping
b. has slept
c. has sleep
d. has been slept
e. sleeps

35. Carmen and I ……… the lunch yet. So, we are very hungry now.
a. haven’t eat
b. haven’t eating
c. have eaten
d. haven’t eaten
e. not ate

36. Desi, Mitha, and Nina … here for ten years.
a. been
b. being have
c. have been
d. be have been
e. is being

37. Ms. Jenifer … a lot of novels since she was a teenager.
a. has being read
b. has read
c. has been read
d. has readed
e. ha read

38. I … this text several times but I still confused.
a. have read
b. read
c. have been reading
d. was reading
e. read

39. Ronald moved to this town last year. We can say that he … in this town for a year.
a. was living
b. lives
c. has lived
d. lived
e. lively

40. Miss Rina… English Languange since 1989.
a. Have taught
b. was teach
c. is going to teach
d. has taught
e. teach

41. You have ….. that movie many times
a. seen
b. see
c. saw
d. seeing
e. sees

42. Do you know what happened to Andy? I …. seen him for several days.
a. hasn’t
b. wasn’t
c. haven’t
d. weren’t
e. am not

43. Steve has …. a new book.
a. write
b. written
c. writing
d. writes
e. is write

44. Have you …. him before ?
a. is see
b. saw
c. seen
d. seeing
e. sees

45. They … here since last week.
a. have
b. has been
c. has
d. have been
e. has being

46. I have …. him for 5 years.
a. known
b. knew
c. is know
d. knowing
e. had knew

47. I think I have …. him once more
a. meet
b. met
c. meeting
d. meets
e. meeted

48. She … been to France.
a. has
b. have
c. was
d. were
e. am

49. John has … two foreign languages.
a. study
b. studying
c. student
d. studied
e. been studying

50. My English …. improved well since I moved to Australia.
a. has
b. have
c. had
d. was
e. are

51. Fadhil . . . . . in that Company for 2 years.
a. serves
b. have served
c. serving
d. has served
e. has serving

52. We have . . . . . in Bandung for several years.
a. live
b. living
c. lives
d. lived
e. lively

53. They . . . . . resigned their current jobs this year.
a. have
b. has
c. are
d. were
e. was

54. Have you ever … the beautiful desert scenery?
a. see
b. seen
c. seeing
d. saw
e. sees

55. My cousin … as a medical assistant for almost a year.
a. have worked
b. has worked
c. is working
d. has been worked
e. had working

56. The children are watching TV now because they … their homework.
a. are doing
b. had done
c. have done
d. were doing
e. is doing

57. She has … in Melbourne since two years ago
a. studied
b. study
c. studying
d. students
e. student

58. Alex has … you five times
a. call
b. called
c. calling
d. calls
e. calles

60. He … worked here for several years
a. have not
b. have not been
c. has not
d. has been
e. have been

61. She … a mother.
a. have not
b. has not
c. have not been
d. has not been
e. had been not

62. They …. at the airport since 10 minutes ago.
a. has arrived
b. have arriving
c. have arrived
d. has arriving
e. had arrive

63. …… you been tired?
a. have
b. has
c. had
d. were
e. is

64. You have … my car
a. washed
b. wash
c. washing
d. washs
e. washes

65. Ramon … a teacher in this school.
a. has
b. has been
c. have been
d. have
e. is

66. Angie: I wonder why Miss Dian … yet.
Novia: I do too. As I know, she is always on time.
a. won’t come
b. hasn’t come
c. isn’t come
d. didn’t come
e. is not come

67. Susi: Can Jack speak English?
Tomi: Maybe, he… the English course for two years.
a. is joining
b. has joined
c. will join
d. joins
e. joined

68. Andi: “What are you looking for?”
Bono: “My wallet. I don’t know where I … it.”
a. have put
b. have been putting
c. had put
d. was putting
e. is put

Begitulah soal simple past tense vs present perfect tense pilihan ganda diatas yang bisa dibuat latihan terutama bagi para siswa yang sedang duduk di kelas baik jurusan IPA, IPS, atau Bahasa. Kumpulan soal simple past tense dan present perfect tense kelas 10 ini biasanya diberikan pada semester genap. Kita tahu ada beberap materi dasar yang harus dipelajari di kelas 10 ini, diantaranya yaitu perbedaan dan penggunaan simple past tense dan present perfect tense, pemahaman wacana historical recount text, dan juga memhamaicerita dalam bentuk narrative text khususnya berkenaan dengan legenda dan cerita rakyat berbahasa Inggris.

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