Example of Report Text: Football Game

English Admin – Learning English Online. Today we give you an example of report text. It is about a famous game in the world. Yes this report text is about football game. What does a football game look like? Don’t stop reading! Because the the game of football is described in simple and clear way to show how a report text in English is.

A report text can be very similar to a descriptive text. However, they can be distinguished easily from the object which is discussed. A report text commonly describes things in general while descriptive text tends to explain the characterization of a specific thing. Bellow are some other sources to learn a report text in English

Some important sources above  can help you understand a report text. However understanding  a text does not only read the sample essay but also analyzing the text. That we have to do when learning reading comprehension. So continue to read and analyze the sample below!

Football Play

example of report with generic structure about football game
Explanation on football game feature is written to show an example of report text in English genres

Football is a game played by two teams of eleven. They try to score by kicking or heading the ball into the other team’s goal. Ten of the players can not use their hands. The goal keeper can handle the ball to stop it going into the goal.