How a Plane Flies: Example of Explanation Text

Explaining how a stuff work is what we are learning now. A text which describe the process of thing is formed is the best example of explanation text in English genres.

Actually there two kinds of explanation text. First is like I stated above a text which answers and explains the how a stuff is formed or work. This is the text which you find most in any exam. Second is a text which describes and answers the question of why, such as why does flood happen? Why do people likeĀ  ice cream, and other questions. If the text is working on such question, it should be categorized as example of explanation text

Do You Know How a Plane is Flying?

example of explanation text about how plane fly
Explaining the plane can fly is the best example of explanation text about HOW

Today, Everyone must see a plane flying. Even Some of the people have flown with an airplane. Have you ever thought why this heavy metal object can be lifted in the air? How can the airplane fly?

An airplane flies because it can generate a force. The force is scientifically called Lift. It normally moves that heavy airplane upward. So, how does the Lift happen? Well. Lift occurs by the generating of the forward motion of the airplane through the air. please note that this motion of the airplane is produced by what we call the Thrust of the engines.

There are four forces which act on a flying airplane. They are Thrust, Lift , Drag and Weight. How do these four forces work? When the Thrust which is produced by the engines is greater than the force of Drag which is produced by the resistance of the air, the airplane will moves forward. When the forward motion is enough to produce a force of Lift which is greater than the force of Weight, the airplane will moves upward.