Example of Report Text about Volcano

This example of report text about volcano eruption is written to show how the generic structure general identification and description are applied in structured text. Report text are objective essays. They are composed after doing serious research. Of course, in this sample, the report text does not concern on the research but prefers to show how the text is organized.

Example of report text are easily found in many written material. IF we read a deep news in a magazine. It can be a report text. Moreover, the report text is often found in academic assignment. So if you want to be good in your academic score, you should learn to compose a report text.

Types of Volcanic Eruptions

example of report text about volcanic eruption
Eruption of St. Helens is one kind of volcanic eruption – report example

Volcanic eruptions have caused some of the worst disasters in the world. They can wipe out entire cities and kill thousands of people.
The name of volcano comes from Roman term. It derives from VULCAN which is the name of Roman fire god. Romans believed that Vulcan lived on a volcanic Italian coast. Romans called the island VULCANO.

According to scientists, volcanic eruptions are divided in to four basic groups. They are commonly known as Hawaiian, Strombolian, Vulcanian and Peleean. The term of Hawaiian eruptions are named after the volcanoes in Hawaii. These volcanic eruptions are the least violent type. They produce highly fluid lava which flows quietly. This gradually builds up a shield volcano.