Example of Analytical Exposition: Importance of Exercise

Have you ever asked why exercise is very important? Answering such question can be written and organized into an example of analytical exposition. This argumentative essay is composed to persuade readers that there is an important matter to discuss.

Making or writing an example of analytical exposition is very difficult. Most students think this exposition writing is not easy to do because they do not know the correct and simple way to create it. The question is what is the easy way to write an analytical exposition essay?

Students can read a lot of resources on theory and tips to write but what actually they need is only a writing draft. We can get easily the exposition draft through the generic structure. Take a look at the draft below!
Title: Why Exercise is Important
Genre: Analytical exposition text
Thesis: Exercise has great role to make body healthy
Argument 1: Exercise can reduce weight and our body will become fitter.
Argument 2: Exercise also reduces stress levels
Argument 3: Exercise can make us feel refreshed
Argument 4: Exercise can be done in simple ways.
Reiteration: Little bit of exercise will help our life better

After we have the outline like above, we can add, edit, or combine one word into another word. We also arrange the paragraphs according the the structure above. Now see  how the outline is composed into  the whole united meaningful exposition text!

Why Exercise is Important

example of analytical expossition text about exercise
The simple easy exercises have many benefits written as example of analytical exposition text