Short Example of Spoof Text: Sam Ting Wong

English Admin learning English text Online. Do you know what is spoof text? We are not going to discuss the definition but we give you a very funny short story considered as spoof story. If you still want to know the definition, read HERE.

This is an example of spoof text. It is considered as funny and entertaining story. Reading a funny story for learning English. Continuing the series of spoof text with its translation, today I share another example of a very short spoof text which keeps a twist for the end of the story.

My previous post, 12 examples of spoof text which was compiled and packed as the best ones based on the variety of the twists  ending the story hopefully led us to hold a better understanding on what a spoof text is and how it is organized into a solid meaningful text.

Well, let’s see the following short sample of a very funny story, To strengthen the sense of twist in any spoof text, give more attention on the end of the story. Keep in mind some questions such as ” Why is the text labeled as a spoof?, What is the exact twist which ending the story?”  Let’s have fun!
Sam Ting Wong
Suatu ketika, Jacky Wong menikah dengan Lia wong. Merak berdua memiliki kulit yang putih dan rambut yang lurus. Mereka sungguh adalah pasangan yang serasi.
Satu tahun kemudian, keluarga Wong mendapatkan seorang bayi yang baru lahir. Seorang perawat membawa kepada keluarga Wong seorang bayi laki-laki dengan rambutnya yang keriting dan berkulit hitam. Perawat tersebut mgnucapkan selamat dan berkata; “Apa nama yang akan Anda berikan untuk bayi laki-laki ini?” Lalu dengan wajah bingung, Jaky Wong menggerutu; “Sam Ting Wong!”

Well, have you caught the point why this very short story is labeled as a spoof text? I am sure, you have. Remember, a spoof text should be organized in Orientation, Events, and Twist. If one of that three elements of spoof’s generic structure can not be found, a text should not be a spoof text.

contoh spoof text pendek lucu

However if you have not got the point yet, let’s see the English version! It should clearly lead us to catch  all 3 elements of spoof text’s generic structure.
Sam Ting Wong
Jacky Wong got married with Lia Wong. Both of them had a white skin and straight hair. They were really a well-matched couple.One year later, Wong family got a new baby. A nurse brought them a son with curly hair and a black skin. The nurse congratulated and said, “What name will you give to this son?” With a confused face, Jacky Wong grumbled, “Sam Ting Wong!

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Have you caught the point? I am sure you have. Now let’s feel be entertained. That’s all about very short sample of a twisting spoof text. Remember spoof is relating narrative and recount text. These three kinds of story sometime make some students confused.

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