Behind The Zoo Job: Example of Spoof Text of Funny Story

English admin learning story in English. Today, the story is about amusement. I mean a story which relating to the text based approach when learning English

Reading spoof text is interesting as most of the stories are unpredictable in the end. This text funny story about the zoo job is best categorized as a spoof text. Why? Let’s find the answer. A text with generic structure Orientation, Events, and Twist is called SPOOF TEXT in English genres.

Contoh text spoof pasti di akhiri dengan sebuah peristiwa atau plot cerita yang tak terduga bagi pembaca. Hal yang tak terduga inilah yang kita namakan dengan twist dalam sebuah text spoof. Now let’s the following example of spoof text!

example of spoof text about the zoo
great story what happen behind the amazement of the zoo

Behind The Zoo Job Story
One day a clown was visiting the zoo and attempted to earn some money by making a street performance. He acted and mimed perfectly some animal acts. As soon as he started to drive a crowd, a zoo keeper grabbed him and dragged him into his office. The zoo keeper explained to the clown that the zoo’s most popular gorilla had died suddenly and the keeper was fear that attendance at the zoo would fall off. So he offered the clown a job to dress up as the gorilla until the zoo could get another one. The clown accepted this great opportunity.

So the next morning the clown put on the gorilla suit and entered the cage before the crowd came. He felt that it was a great job. He could sleep all he wanted, played and made fun of people and he drove bigger crowds than he ever did as a clown. He pretended the gorilla successfully.