My Black Peci: Example of Descriptive Text about Thing with Generic Structure

Now we are learning a short example of descriptive text about a specific thing. The topic is black peci. Do you know what is peci. Yes, it is a famous head cover in Indonesia. Giving this sample which show how a black peci looks like will help us getting a better understanding on what is descriptive text.

Do you still remember what is descriptive text? Well actually there have been a lot of examples of this kind of English text. In this blog, we have posted several best examples of descriptive text. However it is not enough to stay in what we have had. We must go on forward. Today I  give you another example of descriptive text. This kind of text has main purpose to transfer the image of certain thing, person, or place to its readers. Well we see the following sample

My Black Peci

example of descriptive text black peci

Generic structure of descriptive text sample about a thing, my peci

I have some head covers. They are head cover, cap, and peci. I like my peci very much. Do you know what is peci? I am going to tell you now
There are some terms or names for this kind of head cover. My father call it “songkok” but some of my friends call it “kopiah”. I myself prefer to call this head cove “peci”
Peci can produced in various colours. They may be sold in green, yellow, and brown colour. I do not like bright colour. So I bought my peci in dark colour. It is black.
My peci is number 5 in size. It has 6 cm in height. My black peci is made of a stiffened, black velvet-like fabric and fold flat. So it is truely dark, truely black. My black peci has the shape of a truncated cone with embroidered felt in its sides.
I always wear my black peci every day. Just like people in Brunei, Malaysia, Singapore, the southern Philippine and southern Thailand, I also wear the black peci in formal situations such as as wedding feasts, funerals, and festive occasions.
Recently I have known why this black head cover is named peci. The word of “peci” might be derived from the Dutch word “petje” which has meaning of “small hat”

Generic structure of descriptive text
Well what do you think about my descriptive text telling peci above? Do you catch the points why such short text can be grouped into descriptive text? We have to remember that every text has common structure on how it is arranged. Here is the structure of descriptive:
1. Paragraph of identification: It identifies a certain object to be described. From above sample we know that the identification is my peci
I have some head covers
2. Paragraphs of description: It describes the object in parts size, characteristics, or qualities. After the first paragraph, we see some descriptive ways of the peci. They are size, material, color, and in what situation the peci is worn.
There are some names for this head cover
My peci is number 5 in size
I alsways wear black peci
The word of “peci” might be derived from the Dutch word “petje”

That is all about the example of descriptive text my black peci today. The generic structure has been showing the differences from report text. For more sample, you can read:

We hope we meet again in other occasion for new other examples of English text types. Please let me know if you have any thought or comments about a descriptive text.

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