Good Translation Service – Example of Review Text

English Admin learning on review text. What is the subject today? Well we have a short writing sample about translation services. This is an example of review text for learning English in high schools.

How can we make a good review text? Relating to learning English through text base approach which gain the English lesson  through some varieties of text, review can be the best reading material to do it. We know that review is very close relation to some top commercial products. See the structure below!

generic structure of review text

The outline on how a review text is structured

Now let’s see the following sample!
Good Translation Service
Translation is transferring not only words by word but also message to message. In certain case, it will be quite difficult to make translation. How is to make good Arabic translation from English phrase of “as white as snow” meanwhile there is no snow in Arabian?

The basic requirement of a good translator is mastering resource and target language with all non-linguistic aspect. If he is an English translator and wants to make Indonesian translation, he should understand well the language and aspect of Indonesia culture. Similarly, if he works with Farsi translation, he has to be familiar with linguistics and non-linguistics of Farsi.

However, translation providers can bridge that difficulty. The translation experts, such as English translation tool will help to fix the problem. The experts who have grammatical, lexical, sociolinguistics specialization will match in transferring the message from one language to another language
Can you hand the point why such short writing can be localized on a review text genre? Yes, identifying which is review and not is best done through making structure analysis. That is our lesson about an example of review text today. Happy learning English.

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