Simple Way to Write Review Text – Basic Structure

English admin learning how to write the best review text easily. Product reviewing has attracted so many blogger. Reviewing certain products has appeared as top choice for blogger in earning online. Writing review is lucrative source for blogger.

In one side, writing review can make rich content of the blog. Of course it has to be suitable or arranged to suit the niche of the blog. In the second side, blogger can get earning from that content.

basic definition of reiew text
Basic understanding on what is review text relating to genre for learning English

Review is one of text genres. This classification of text types is commonly based on the structure which used by the writer to compose his text. Each text type will have different form of generic structure. As I said in my previous post, review text usually has generic structure as:

Introduction: it is the highlight of the general description about what will be reviewed. It can be product, services which want to be sold, or just a site which want to be known publicly. Then it will drive more traffic into the site.

Evaluation: the second phase is coming inside into the product in details. It states the parts, uniqueness, quality of the product which will be known publicly. However too much detail description will “teach” the will-buyer and it does not sound good. Evaluating as far as necessary for the targeted buyer is more genuine. The term of evaluation will not be far from simple word of good or bad. In this phase reviewer will apply much evaluative word, valuable, useful, worthy, etc.