Example of Recount Text Biography – Jenny Monolog

Supposed you were Jenny and you were in a new working place. In the first day, you needed to introduce about your self, family, education, daily activities, etc. That introduction is a monolog speaking. If you write such self introduction, actually you are writing an example of recount text about a very short biography.

When learning   recount text. The sample can be in a form of personal experience, historical events, or biography of some one else. Now let’s see how Jenny introduces her self and consider what Jenny speaks as example of recount text.

Jenny’s Monolog of Self Introduction

recount text biography
Introduction as example of recount text biography

Hello, I’m Jenny. I am Tim’s wife. We have been married for almost eleven years.

I met Tim when we were both at university. I studied physics while Tim studied business management. We graduated from Cardiff University in 1989, and went to live in Birmingham. We got married in 1993 at Lincoln cathedral.

I took a one year post-graduate teaching course, then got a job teaching science at Lincoln high school.

We moved to Nottingham in 1996 where Lisa was born. I remember that she was a very fat baby, but a happy one! My mum helped us with looking after the baby in the first year, before she had to go into the nursing home in Manchester. She wanted to move to a home in Manchester because that is where my two older sisters and their families live.

We go to visit often – when I can get Tim to drive us up there! I don’t drive. I took some lessons when I was a student in Cardiff but I found driving on the roads quite frightening and gave up! Perhaps one day I will try again.