Example of Recount Text – My Horror Experience

Now we are learning a recount text with the generic structure. So how does  the writer arrange the generic structure of the text? Because the following text is labelled as recount, then it should have the following generic structure:

1. Orientation: The writer introduce what happened to him. In the first paragraph, he told that he had a scaring experience. He was on the bus when a landslide happened.
2. Events: Some paragraphs after the orientation, the writer told what other events happened. It is we call series of event.
  • Event 1: The writer got on the bus.
  • Event 2: The writer felt that the bus started hurtling.
  • Event 3: The writer came out the bus.
  • Event 4: The rescuers took the writer to a hospital.
3. Reorientation: The last paragraph show how the writer make final note about the frighting experience. He was injured but he thanked as he survived.

Recount text is very similar to narrative. Both are to tell  past experiences. What make them different is how the writer arranges his paragraph into the whole text. The difference then we call it the generic structure.

Recount text is labelled in a group of narration, similar to spoof and narrative. Recount text focuses on the series of event, one event followed by the others. Commonly recount text is arranged in chronological order; whether by time or by the essence of the event itself. Read the following example of recount text which narrates a survival experience from a horror situation.