Text Types in Non-Fiction Writing

A text is written in fiction and non fiction. From this main types of written text, there are several names relating to text types. Today we will see what and how many kinds of non fiction are.  Text types is generalized in two kinds; fiction and no-fiction. Fiction will be close relating to literature while non-fiction is deal more in technical usage of daily life.

text features for non fiction

Some features for non fiction text types: flickr.com

Browsing over the Internet, I find a very useful source to learn text types in non-fiction summary. They are:
1. Report text, this kind of text is to describe the way things are, give detail description as they are
2. Procedure, this instructional text is to instruct or describe how to make something or how something is done through a series of sequenced steps or phases.
3. Recount, this text tries to retell events. Commonly the events happened in the past
4. Explanation, this kind of text surely explains the process involved in nature and how something works. Explanation text is composed a lot in natural phenomena.
5. Persuasion, as its word root, persuasive text tries to argue the case for a point of view and in higher point it makes to convince and persuade readers. Persuasion text is studied in two types; analytical exposition and hortatory text.
6. Discussion, a type of text which present argument and information from different points of view. Generally discussion text is accomplished with a recommendation
7. The other types of non-fiction text such as Internet material, leaflet, interview, diary, journalistic writing, biography and autobiography can be seen at lancsngfl.ac.uk

Of course there will be other kind of text name relating to this non fiction written text. However the basic kinds of the will determine other kinds how they should refer.

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