Example of Analytical Exposition: Problem of Being Fat

English Admin – Learning Analytical Exposition Text.  We have talk a lot about what is analytical exposition in the previous article. The definition is explained clearly enough. Now we give you an example of analytical exposition about the risk of being too fat.

Do you still remember how an analytical exposition text is organized by the writer? Well, to see it we need to read the generic structure. Analytical exposition text will be structured through the elements of thesis, arguments, and reiteration. How these three elements construct a whole text called analytical exposition? Read the following sample

The Problem of Being Too Fat

example of analytical exposition of being too fat
Explaining the risk of obesity as example of analytical exposition text

Being too fat is commonly known as overweight or obesity. It is simply defined as too much body fat inside. Overweight potentially leads high risk of health problem.

Being too fat is recognized as a major factor for heart disease. Due to the overweight, the heart will work harder. It can lead to the heart attack. Furthermore, obesity potentially rises blood cholesterol and blood pressure. In addition, being too fat can change the amount of sugar in the blood. This will cause diabetes and other serous disease.

Beside all of that, being too fat is often avoided by many young women. They said that becoming too fat will bother their physical beauty appearance.

More serious studies are necessary to see the effect of obesity. However it is clear enough that overweight is not good enough for healthy life.