English Expression: Making Appointment

English Admin РLearning to speak English fluently. In this lesson we are practicing how to make appointment in English? If you have noticed, many  business and daily conversation, we often make arrangement.

When you are in a dialog for making appointment, you will use some expressions for asking to meet, setting the time, agreeing and disagreeing the suggested time, or changing the time for appointment.
how to make appointment in English
Asking to meet:
Are you available on the next Friday?
Can we meet on the 1th?
How does the next July 5th sound to you?
Are you free next Monday?

For asking to meet more politely:
If possible, I would like to come by and see you tomorrow
I was wandering if we could get together next week
Is there good time for us to get together on Monday?

Suggesting time for asking to meet:
Could we meet 10 am on Monday 4th of July?
Would tomorrow be good for you?
Is it possible for us to meet next Thursday?

Agreeing on a suggested time:
Yes, Thursday is fine.
Thursday suits me.
Thursday would be perfect.

Rejected on a suggested time:
I am sorry, I’ve got arranged another meeting
I’m afraid, I can’t, I’m out of that time
I wish I could, but I have to pick my mother up

Suggesting an alternative time:
How about next Friday, instead?
Maybe 11. am, instead?
How about net Saturday?

Changing the arrangement:
I’m afraid that I’m not going to be able to meet you after all. Can we fix another time?
Something has just happened and I won’t be able to meet you this morning. Can we make another time?

I think, this is a complete guide to make an appointment in English. As a leaner, of course, you have to be more creative. Mixing, adding, and editing the sentences and phrase to fit the real conversation are surely very necessary. That’s all and happy learning speaking English.

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