Celebrating Kartini Day: Example of Hortatory Text

Understanding a persuasive writing today is about the importance of celebrating Kartini Day. Reading exposition deals with the writer’s subjective impression on certain issue. He exposes that a point/s on the issue is important to consider.

A hortatory exposition writing steps on a higher level as it suggests specific recommendation in the end of the text. Nowadays we show many events held to commemorate Kartini. A short text about this topic can be considered as an example of hortatory exposition. Let’s take a look on the following sample!

The Importance of Celebrating Kartiny Day Appropriately
Thera are so many events to celebrate Kartini Day. Writing poetry and reading her inspirational letter are some of them. However  wearing  Kartini dressing code in companies, schools or government institutions are dominantly found to commemorate that Indonesian heroen . There are various ways to celebrate appropriately and should not just simply wearing kebaya and batik.
Kartini is an inspirational figure. She was born in the middle of an aristocratic Javanese family on April 21, 1879. Her father was to be a district head of Jepara. Under the old Javanese tradition, she was secluded at home to prepare for marriage. Kartini just attended school until the age of 12 but she was very fluent in Dutch. Kartini could write letters to her friends abroad. Later, the compilation of her letter was published and known as “Out of Darkness Into Light”. It is really an unusual accomplishment for Javanese women at that time.
What should be appreciated from Kartini’s life is her dedication to improve the conditions of Javanese women. In that time most of women in Java had low social status. Kartini wanted to change that poor condition. She concerned about 3 things for her native Javanese women; reaching dreams, attaining freedom, and obtaining legal equality. Because  she saw that education would help them to improve their condition, she later established a school for women.
Well, Indonesians should be reminded that celebrating Kartini Day is not only replicating Kartini’s attire by wearing kebayas and batik or arranging sanggul as hairstyles. Celebrating that Indonesian heroine day should be more about:
1. How to remember her ideas and what she fought for.
2. How to apply her message in present-day Indonesia.