How to Express Stance in English

English Admin – Expressing stance is one of topic when speaking English in high schools classroom. The expression which are learned in the high schools are transactional and interpersonal communicative purposes. It is usually learned  as first material to discuss more about example of exposition text. They are analytical and hortatory exposition.

The following expressions can be used to tell your own point of view about certain issue. If you are in a formal situation, can use expression such as:

  • Personally I believe their opinion
  • My view of your opinion is…
  • From my point of view, your opinion is…….
  • According to the regulation, you……

If you are in an informal situation can use :

  • If you ask me, your opinion is….
  • I guess  your opinion is…..
  • You know what I think? I think……

Short Dialogue Expressing Stance

how to express agree in English
Stance can expressed by agreeing or disagreeing

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